26 March 2009

Quotes for the day

"I don't have any answers, but I do have a question: might we be seeing the first real rumblings of class warfare -- the genuine article, not the Republican talking-point -- in this country?.....In the other corner are the real people, the angry people, the unemployed people -- and with them their elected representatives in Congress. They're not interested in such distinctions any more, they're not interested in what's fair or what's sensible. They saw their real wages stagnate for decades as the orgy of plutocratic self-congratulation reached obscene levels only to keep on growing. All they ever had was the American Dream: the idea that they, too, might one day become dynastically wealthy and join the overclass. Now, of course, that dream is shattered -- and, what's worse, it turns out that very overclass is responsible for the working classes' own present straits. While the talking heads in New York and Washington throw around their millions and billions and trillions before commuting home to their comfortable middle-class-and-better lifestyles, the rest of the country is mad as hell, and ain't gonna take it any more. They're not interested in constructive solutions or in leveraging private capital or in the sanctity of contracts: fuck that shit. Those days are over. They want to see jail time, confiscatory policies, and worse."

"With lightning speed and lockstep unanimity, opinion-making elites jointly embraced and are now delivering the same message about the public rage triggered this week by the AIG bonus scandal: This scandal is insignificant. It's just a distraction. And, most important of all, public anger is unhelpful and must be contained or, failing that, ignored. This anti-anger consensus among our political elites is exactly wrong. The public rage we're finally seeing is long, long overdue, and appears to be the only force with both the ability and will to impose meaningful checks on continued kleptocratic pillaging and deep-seated corruption in virtually every branch of our establishment institutions. The worst possible thing that could happen now is for this collective rage to subside and for the public to return to its long-standing state of blissful ignorance over what the establishment is actually doing.....We've had far too little public rage given the magnitude of this rot, not an excess of rage. What has been missing more than anything else is this: fear on the part of the political and financial class of the public which they have been systematically defrauding and destroying.....The AIG scandal is significant and has resonated so powerfully because it is a microscope that enables the public to see what and who has wreaked the destruction that threatens their security and future and, most important of all, to realize that these practices haven't ended and the perpetrators haven't been punished."

In both cases, read the whole thing.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

What we are seeing now...is just the tip of the iceberg...and is only going to grow.Never mind when the recession is over or start's or mellow's. What is in motion...and rightfully so...is a battle not only in America...as I said last year on one of your post's...this will be global. It will be a little of a suprise for America since we all been mellow for decades.CEO's will come to a time for instance...where they will have to add heavy fortification just to their residences if living in popular urban area's,bulletproof their car's as well...and hire more personal security...well... at least if they like living that is and trying to protect their properties from excessive vandalism. The bottom line is this ..the way we have thing's set up...and our continuance to keep it growing...those who "have" will do much better...those who dont have...will do much worse...financially speaking. The new American Dream for the majority or the working classes will be...to have a "3 hot's and a cot"(meal's and bed). Now some will say..."Oh no...this isnt true...it wont and cant happen,blah,blah,blah" Well this is fine too...you can think what ever you want or be one of those who been planning for this and currently planning for it...and survive the storm. You can pray as well till your blue in the face...or do other ritual's and hope yourself silly,abide by the law's, and moral standard's of society trying to do the right thing will also bring you failure. never mind what law's say...just dont get caught at what you do is the trick...the folk's dictating to you/us are crook's period, unlike a common civilian...they will never do a day behind bar's, they will only grab one once in awhile like Madoff for "show", every once in awhile they will throw us a bone or two, if were good doggie's that is. What's the answer? Survival and knowledge, but knowledge is no good if you dont act and utilize the tool's you have. Can the people's win? Absolutely...but not by crouching in fear...only by going for the throat and mainly staying persistent. Thank You Sir ... and Good post!

26 March, 2009 08:09  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC -- As you know, I disagree. Wait and see. In a year or so (probably sooner) the economy will be back to normal. But I don't think the sociological status quo will return to what it was. People have finally seen the man behind the curtain. And they're angry at what they see. Americans will probably continue to reject the word socialism, but they'll opt for the substance of it over continued kleptocracy -- or anarchy.

26 March, 2009 13:11  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Hello Mr.Infidel!

So...you say it's back to normal in a year or so heh? Sound's good to me! :) Thank You Sir!

26 March, 2009 14:32  

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