28 March 2009

Link roundup for 28 March 2009

Too busy to pray? Now you can hire a computer to do it for you (sent by Mendip).

Sexsomnia may be less fun than it sounds, but.....

When airline pilot Chafik Gharby's plane met trouble, rather than taking proper emergency measures, he started praying. 16 people died in the ensuing crash. (Maybe if he'd had an account with that praying computer, he'd have been able to concentrate on flying.)

Dungeekin salutes the woman who helped spur the development of modern technology.

As long as conservatives keep talking rubbish about sex, we'll keep making fun of them.

Godless Liberal Homo denounces the Islamic regimes' UN efforts to ban "defamation of religion" -- and posts a must-see Pat Condell video. And don't miss Condell's take-down of Britain's leading Islamotard, Anjem Choudary.

This seems so hard to stop, I'm amazed there aren't lots of people doing it everywhere -- or maybe there are (sent by Ranch Chimp).

It's clear now that red meat is unhealthy (found via Republic of T).

More attention should be focused on this Congressional tax dodge.

Gay marriage moves forward in New Hampshire and Vermont -- with the usual hypocritical opposition.

A new website is being launched to combat Holocaust denial.

This seems like a shocking abuse of police power. At least the police chief apologized.

Josef Fritzl says he now realizes that what he did was bad. All I've got to say about that, I said in my comment on the posting.

As North Korea prepares for a suspicious rocket launch, American warships move in. Japan and Russia are on alert too. I suspect this launch is a test of Obama's resolve; if he takes no action, expect a lot more troublemaking from Kim Jong Il.

Here's more evidence of rising crackpottery among conservatives -- remember, Bachmann is a Congresswoman. And one of Andrew Sullivan's readers comments on conservative reality-denial.

Aubrey de Grey's book Ending Aging is now out in Russian (my review of the English original is here).

Limb-regeneration technology, supported by the US military, is making progress.

Israel is making nanotechnology a priority (found via Exit Zero). Here's a reminder of what nanotechnology could eventually mean.

The Singularity will vastly increase human intelligence -- but what about animals?


Anonymous rita said...

Now i can officially say i have a vice. "red meat" the link to the bad cop was interesting. It really illustrates the callousness that is sometimes a consequence of the job.

28 March, 2009 08:34  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Mr.Infidel!

The piece about the Dallas PD is very common here actually, this guy was someone of notoriety(sport's)which is why it got attention...and since Dallas has a minority majority population...when the news grabbed it...the community responded... like a storm...so it has gotten heavy coverage here.First of all...Dallas is an "edgy town", I have heard Angelino's(LA)who relocated here say that Dallas is worse then LA. When I worked the Uptown nightclub district as security officer...we had alot of action...period...I worked night's, and we seen just about everything...I worked with other commissioned and uncommissioned security as well as DPD contract officer's nightly. One officer I worked with...and I sure as hell wont mention his name...because the guy covered my back and done me favour's...was really on the edge...he had a drinking problem and alway's said I was too easy going on folk's,he was only 29, but looked 40 in the face, a former gang banger himself from the East Dallas Barrio...a real "Homey"...served 5 year's in the gang unit of DPD as well before going to Homicide CS. But the guy worried me on some night's, the way he was shaking down folk's...I wasnt sure at times whether I was working with a DPD officer or some gang bangin thug.And recently DPD just busted another crew of bank hold-up thug's (Dallas has alot of crew's) but what was a suprise to the community was the hold-up crew of these bank's were Dallas PD. I'll put a lid on this now.Chief Kunkle is a good man.

Heh,heh,heh...the prayer computer ..like I said...when there is a buck to be made...those religious folk's will have their paw's into it...ole Jesus must be rollin over in his tomb...or maybe his cell...since so many former offender's tell me they found Jesus in prison...no tellin where the ole boy is these day's. I remember several year's back here in Dallas...they started a drive through prayer servive...you pull up to a window and order prayer's like burger's from a fast food joint...for them christian's on the go.

Sexsomnia gal...I just dont understand these young-un's today. My young year's of sexcapade's was in the late 60's and early 70's (also in comment to that 18 year old gal who responded and felt dirty or religious or whatever) All of us who came up in that era know how we alway's had sex with many folk's either on the beach...or anywhere's else while we were stoned,tripping,or in any other setting... we didnt care about names...or wake up wondering if it was good or not good or whether we seen each other again. Times were much more simple... I mean...if it felt good we done it...it was alot less complex. Geeeez.

The Tunisian pilot on praying. Well what is weird about that case is an interview I heard with Scully or however you spell his name...the pilot who landed the jet in the Hudson River back a tad. In his interview he was asked if he prayed when the failure started showing...he told the interviewer...NO...cause there is no time to pray!..you need to ACT! Scully was also a local boy raised...he graduated from Denison High School in far North Dallas area.

I heard about Pat Condell through your site...never known of him before that. But I must say I love this guy! I know he's not a preacher...but I like listening to him as my preacher!

Linda Lovelace...damn...I hadnt heard about that ole gal in year's. I remember when her historic movie "Deep Throat" showed on the first screen...for a blockbusting 50 week's straight at a local multitheatre complex in Houston!(I was still a kid and lived in Houston in them year's)

"Halocaust Denial" I never could figure that term out? I personally knew folk's who were in the camp's...seen the numerical tattoo's on their inner forearm...and ran my finger across them...my grandma was a Jew who lived a short while in Berlin as well...and my dad was a US Army prisoner of the nazi's in WW2. It didnt exist?

"You there...get out of that vagina!" I just wonder if some men ever yell out..."Hey girl...get off of my erection!"?

Not another red meat warning! Hell man...I dont know what I would do without my red meat! maybe live longer? :) No...but all caca aside...I called my wife one day and asked if she would swing by the store on the way home and pick up some burger meat so I can grill a couple...since it was beautiful out and around 70 degree's...she came home with these goddamn soy burger's(non-meat)that looked like burger's already shaped and packed patties..I like to mold my own by hand before I grill them. I whined and said ..."Goddamn girl.. what in the hell are these?" She said..."They are healthy for you"...I told her I'll cook her the soy burger's...but I ran across the street to Albertson's and bought a large damn pack of real 100% beef for me and my daughter...since my lil girl wanted real meat too! Geeez.

Thanx Guy!......

28 March, 2009 10:20  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Rita: Now i can officially say i have a vice. "red meat"

It's surmountable. Since the first of the year -- almost three months now -- I've avoided all meat except chicken and turkey. I've had only two lapses: one pizza slice and one cheeseburger, and I didn't really enjoy either of them. I've lost my taste for the stuff.

RC: ole Jesus must be rollin over in his tomb...or maybe his cell...since so many former offender's tell me they found Jesus in prison...no tellin where the ole boy is these day's.

:-) :-)

28 March, 2009 17:32  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Just a lil funny story I wanted to tell.But year's ago when my wife and I first got together(My wife was a foreigner...originally from the Phillippines,then lived in Saudi Arabia, moved to Tehran,then to Madrid...then to Franfurt before being cursed by meeting me and held hostage in Texas :) We met in New York City)But one weekend I had over a few of the boy's for our sunday ritual of watching the Dallas Cowboy's game...this was a big play-off game...so I went all out, had a bowl of about 40 joints I rolled(pot)a tub with a couple cases of longneck beer's buried in ice, and a couple fifth's of Jack Black (whiskey)My wife is a big fan too...she jump's up and asked us if we wanted some burger's? She'd fry if we buy...so we jumped all over it and said "Hell yeah!" Now I didnt know anything much about her cooking or even if the ole gal knew much about it.She cooked these burger's that were ...well...I dont know? Put it this way...after a bite...the boy's smiled and no one bit anymore,trying to avoid talk about it, no one wanted to eat them...they were the most awful burger's any of us Texas boy's ever had! They had some kind of chopped green's in them or somethin, no tellin...but no one would eat them goddamn thing's! I NEVER again asked her to cook a burger. But I love the gal to death. Bless her heart for at least tryin.

29 March, 2009 04:00  
Blogger libhom said...

Thanks for the mention.

21 April, 2009 04:59  
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