01 April 2009

Sauce for the gander

Both industrial and financial enterprises are being bailed out by the government, but there's a striking difference in how they're being treated. Dissenting Justice assesses the issue here and here.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Heh,heh,heh...that's the newest popular phrase for abusing the citizen's...."tough love". Everyone by now can see this one coming...and in this case....auto maker's. As I posted about Ford...their smart for not taking gvmt fund's.Texas Gov.Rick Perry(R) just turned down over a half billion in unemployment extension money...now he's a villian of the Texas Unemployed.I think it is the best move he made as governor. Folk's dont realize what that extra grand or two will do to them if they take it...once you accept government money...you will loose much freedom in exchange. I have never accepted help, even when I was unemployed...they told me I can get food stamp's....I told them...I dont want them and walked. GM has put themselves in a no-win situation. And as I posted time and time again....this financial bailout is just the beginning. The bottom line is...that toxic asset's are just that...toxic...period. So now we inherit them and try to sell them off to some other poor sucker? The way this is designed and it is so clear to see....that the financial banker's CANNOT fail in no way. If the asset's sell...and we can make a profit...they say it goes to the peoples...the peoples in that case is the government....no American will see a dime. Whenever their is a slight little increase in the economy...those on the Hill will vote themselves new raises, bet on it.If the financial banker's fail....we will be taxed to the gill's. The idea that thing's will get better for worker's is not an idea that I swallow easily. Technically/mathematically, there is no way to look at any of this and conclude that, that can happen...any more then thinking the moon will turn pink if we pray for it. On the other hand...we want "change"...and that's what were going to get, rest assured. Will it do any American's any good? Maybe a little, but the effect would be more like....say your in Vegas...you just went a grand or two in the hole on the crap's table...take a break, come back and win a couple hundred....your happy...but you only got back a fraction of what you lost to begin with.....The message here is this my friend's, the "House" alway's win's.

Until we get the courage to let the system fail...and take a few really hard knock's, and really go for the throat to tear down the house...you will simply get abused and abused. Look throughout history, it speak's for itself. We want our cake and to eat it....we want to gain with no pain. At this point of our evolution....it cannot happen. This is NOT "doom/gloom" that I am pointing out...this is simply, action/reaction, gain/loss,survival/extinction.

Thank You Sir.

01 April, 2009 07:40  

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