03 April 2009

Iowa for the 21st century

The state supreme court of Iowa has struck down the state's law against gay marriage, explicitly addressing and rejecting all the various standard arguments used to defend such laws. Dissenting Justice in on the case.

With three American states (Iowa, New Hampshire, and Vermont) and one foreign country (Sweden) poised to join the ranks of those jurisdictions which allow gay marriage, the dam really seems to be crumbling. Forward!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iowa Supreme Court said gay-YES!
See the actual video.

03 April, 2009 12:40  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Iowa knows a good bet when they see it...and if others are smart...they will jump on it too! I have been telling folk's for a couple year's in Dallas...that this is a sure winner in Texas...especially with our gay/lesbian population numbers! G/L's are big business in Texas, add marriage to the menu, it's a nice bundle for everyone....everyone becomes a winner! Iowa can only come out winning on this one.

04 April, 2009 03:05  

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