03 April 2009

Obamateur diplomacy

Let's see. First we had those DVDs for Gordon Brown which don't play on British DVD players. Then there was some unidentified hack at the State Department grossly insulting one of our closest allies. Then there was that button for Sergei Lavrov which was supposed to say "reset" in Russian, but didn't.

And now comes a symbolic blunder bound to make Americans, too, feel denigrated: the President of the United States bows to a foreign king, and not just any king, but the head of one of the vilest and most barbaric regimes on the planet.

Whoever is advising this administration on protocol needs to be fired and replaced, immediately -- and the same goes for that jackass at the State Department, as soon as they find out who it is.

(On the plus side, Michelle Obama and the Queen seem to have hit it off pretty well.)

Me, I'm already worrying about what official gift Netanyahu is going to get.

In the meantime, since no one seems to have mentioned this to Obama, here's a reminder from Counting Cats:

The President of the United States bows before no man.


Blogger mendip said...

If Americans want to borrow hundreds of billions of dollars to subsdize their businessmen, they're going to have to kiss major ass. Please remember that the US is broke. It's not like we have a cool trillion or two lying around some where - there is NO money. All these sums being thrown around are to be borrowed, and the people with that type of money to lend are Arabs and the Chinese, both of whom I suspect we will sell out to in ways both big and small.

03 April, 2009 13:16  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

This is a popular misconception. The total GNP of all the Arab countries combined, including the oil-producing ones, is considerably less than one trillion dolloars. China's GNP is somewhat more, but still only a fraction of ours or the EU's, and by all accounts China is being hurt by the recession a lot more than we are because their economy is so export-dependent. As far as I know, the stimulus spending is coming from "printing money" (or more sophisticated modern equivalents) and relying on counter-inflationary pressures such as low fuel and house prices, and low consumer spending, to keep inflation from taking off.

03 April, 2009 13:41  
Anonymous Nick M said...

During WWII FDR and Churchill had a conference one time. FDR called on Churchill early one morning because he had something urgent to discuss (well there was a war on) and Churchill was still in the bath. Churchill summoned FDR in and awe-struck FDR watched as Churchill got out of the bath in front of him. Churchill appreciated that FDR was somewhat disconcerted.

Churchill picked up on this and said, "His Majesty's Prime Minister has nothing to hide from the President of the United States...

Oh, well, ho-hum... Times change. Bowing to Abdullah...

04 April, 2009 16:25  

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