01 April 2009

"Stop Iran -- or I will"

Netanyahu offers some of the blunt realism that got him elected.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I must say that I agree with Netanyahu on this one. Israel are still getting threat's...and no matter how much they reach out, no one opposed to them are thinking rational at all.They are basing their resistence to reach their hand back to Israel based on culture/religion instead.

I sure as hell dont like nuclear anything, especially war. However, I also think that folk's like us, Israel, even EU countries may be running out of option's unfortunately. Everyone has tried everything damn near to sit at the table and try to come to some closure, and all so far has failed...and the retaliation against our allies has unfortuanately intensified. I still say that there can be peace amongst these tribes of the globe....however...we cannot achieve that without participation...and we dont seem to be getting that.

I dont like nuclear war...but I feel unless all parties grow up and participate and set down their rifles a minute...the only option would be to nuke and to terminate the threat. You cannot do this by selling woof ticket's and firing RPG's back and forth. If a person goes into prison...and they get bullied for their sweetroll or other food item's at chow...the bully's will sense weakness, and next will be your ass, this is the reality. We tend not to live in the reality that is of the era. We are still animal's...no matter how much we want to think that the universe and star's revolve around us...or how much nature and animal's love us. We are capable to evolve to another level far greater than anything the human race has ever achieved. But we continue to lie to ourselves...and believe the lies that we tell ourselves.

Thank You Sir.

01 April, 2009 08:04  
Anonymous Blurber said...

Scary stuff, but a lot of good points, especially, “You don’t want a messianic apocalyptic cult controlling atomic bombs."

01 April, 2009 08:56  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Just one more thing I'd like to point out.We....like Israel are a democracy...and I am a fervent believer of "walking the walk". It is of coarse strongly opposed by the peoples of the so called"free world" to jump before being attacked of coarse. I would not jump without being provoked in other word's...however...the word "provoked" has a wide range of definition that can be applied to it. In other word's...so much as one more Hamas missile,an RPG, or even a BB in the eye of a Israeli citizen would be enough for me to finally break the ice and emerge.This pressure and bullying has been going on for way to long.The unfortuante part of these war's is this. Once us or Israel fight's back in any battle of defense...many make a bundle, meaning of coarse defense contractor's and so forth, then we are alway's stuck with the clean-up/reconstruction...which of coarse is another huge bill to us the taxpayer's....we must learn...to not clean-up after we respond. As I write this..this little escapade that went on between Israel/Hamas..is costing us dearly in reconstruction right now....Secretary Clinton already went over there before the battle even technically ended with her attache case and check book to give them a check for the clean-up...which of coarse Hamas welcomes with an open pocket, taking us once again...for the sucker's we really are. And we wonder why we are treated the way we are. Why do you think? If you screw with me...and I bomb you in retaliation...I am NOT going to clean up the mess....or feed the peoples of the country. They wont like me? Oh well...blame ya'll's leadership...they put ya'll in this situation...not me.

I know this isnt Hamas/Palestinian's...but I am using this as an example, because it's only a matter of timing and region that the same applies to Iran.

Thanx Guy.....

01 April, 2009 09:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I heard a story once that a man who had been through the Holocaust and survived was asked what lesson he had learned from the experience. He replied: "When a man says he wants to kill you -- believe him."

The rulers of Iran are saying it. And they're working like hell on getting the means. That's a good enough reason for Israel to act, if the US won't.

01 April, 2009 10:07  
Blogger Zardoz said...

Fascinating article! I agree that muslims in general interpret compromise as weakness; for Israel to do nothing would be seen as a green light by Iran and its proxies in the Palestinian territories. Muslims living in Europe see multiculturalism as a weakness, Iran will see inaction by Israel as a weakness.

There is also the question about the mental stability of many in the Iranian leadership, which is why I believe that so many Arab governments are secretly wishing that Israel and/or the U.S. will destroy any Iranian nuclear capability. Iran is a loose cannon and is just as likely to nuke Baghdad or Cairo as Tel Aviv.

01 April, 2009 16:08  

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