04 April 2009

Link roundup for 4 April 2009

Vamp has a roundup of wacky sex laws.

Stupid Evil Bastard presents a video compilation of actual quotes from fundamentalists attacking atheism and evolution. These are real; I've seen quite a few of them elsewhere.

Here's a graphic illustration of how the international space station was assembled. And I'm glad that most of the things shown in this video (found via Vamp) are very, very far away.

Once again it falls to Richard Dawkins to point out the obvious.

Today is the beginning of the stated 4-8 April launch window for the North Korean missile test.

The abusive Dallas cop I mentioned in the previous link roundup has resigned. This video (sent by Ranch Chimp) illustrates why.

Ta-Nehisi Coates explains the dangers of reality-denial and his own path to overcoming it.

Are conservatives underrepresented in the media?

Here's what we're up against: the distilled essence of medieval, obscurantist bigotry.

Global-warming denialism illustrates the intellectual bankruptcy of (what currently passes for) libertarianism. More here.

Think Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul are nutty? This guy is in Congress too.

Yes, there do exist rational conservatives who are trying to call conservatism back to sanity. Here's David Frum, whose efforts have predictably gotten him bashed by Rush Limbaugh (and some of his own commenters). David Horowitz warns that the right's anti-Obama hysteria is starting to resemble the earlier left's anti-Bush hysteria. And Newt Gingrich thinks Republicans could face a third-party challenge in 2012 if they don't return to their roots.

These British villagers weren't too keen on being visited by Google "snapper cars".

China: the rotting fist in the iron glove.

Andrew Sullivan points out how British conservatism differs from the American variety.

As the Taliban expand their rule across Pakistan, they bring Islamic justice. They dream of bringing it here, too.

Afghanistan is progressing -- it has now reached the Dark Ages.

UFO nuts fall for yet another hoax.

No, marijuana's not good for your brain. But it's not as bad as alcohol.

Stem-cell research in Sheffield, Britain, offers hope of a cure for deafness.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Sex Laws...posted by the Vamp. I'm not suprised. I hear Texas has a bunch of obsenity laws, I'm not sure if the cities have different laws though here.Dallas has a thriving sex business... so either Dallas County laws are different (same applies for Houston,San Antonio,Austin and such) or they are not enforced here.Never really cared much. I've alway's been a pervert any way you slice it...and alway's done what I wanted, hell, half the folk's that make these laws are perverts themselves. But I am guessing that Texas has more of these laws then you can shake a stick at...I just never looked into it.The state overall has alot of voting religious people here. Whats hilarious is folks call homo's "nasty" as far as their practices...straight folks are just as nasty in their sex practices.

The space station illustration I liked...I've alway's looked at the station as more of a future refuge for all the top dawg's and brain's whenever something really catastrophic may happen.

"Quotes from Fundamoralist's" video...I really couldnt even get past the first 2 minutes of this without clicking it off... I mean, dont they ever have anything different to whine about, its alway's the same crap...the earth is 6000 years old? Okay....give me some proof, show me something, some evidence...something? Not just someone said so several thousand years ago...hell for that matter they also say the earth is flat...prove it...show something! The evolutionists are doin their job....if you want a competitive arguement...well.... compete! This is more sillyism is all this is, and these poor kid's that they market to say this crap on video...are just being used as sucker's! And the laziest bunch of whining SOB's at that. When I talked to some of these here in Texas...I asked a couple..."What the hell are you telling me this for...I'm a Texas boy! Do you see me wrapped in goddamn sheets?" I was in Burger King one day with a buddy and one actually walked in off the street and started making round's inside...handing out pamphlet's to paying customer's...the cashier didnt see it.When this SOB came up to me and my buddies table...I got a lil upset...I stood up...and got face to face...and said..."You cant see I'm eating man!?" Then the cashier noticed and started telling me to calm down...I am calm...if I wasnt...I would have shoved that pamphlet up that boy's ass.

Richard Dawkins on the Pope.You know...Dawkins is a straight up man...he gets to the point.I couldnt believe what I was hearing in the news a week or two ago, cant recall...but the Pope was on some African Tour...he was in Angola I believe trying to tell these folks not to use condoms/birth control...is this guy nut's? That makes about as much sense as telling folks to only take a dump on tuesdays and thursdays!Obviously he is unaware of some of the problem's some of these African nations are having with food,STD's and such.

North Korean Missiles... Well as I posted...to show I'm good sport and compassionate...since all they need to do is launch a satellite, I would go ahead if I were President and launch it for them...it would save them the money and effort, and save us a bundle in wasting intell time with these folk's. I mean...that's all they say they want to do...I'll volunteer to launch it for them...to of coarse show the world and them...my love and humanitarian effort's!

The video on the Congressional Hearing on Global Warming, oop's I forgot...they call it "Climate Change" now.... it sound's "nicer" or more "fashionable" I reckon...heh? I couldnt believe what I was hearing and seeing, I thought at first this was a joke or something...What the hell is this guy doing!!? He was reading out of the book of Genesis in this hearing? What in the hell would that do... as far as dealing with this issue? And folk's were actually sitting there as if this was normal. Sometimes I think we done lost our goddamn mind's.The most irritating thing to me is, were giving this SOB a paycheck!!! To sit up and read to us like pre-schooler's...out of story book's! He is supposed to be working, not entertaining us!

UFO's ...it seem's like they have some UFO cult in Texas...they call in to some radio talk show in the wee hours of the morning..I was listening to some of them one night ...about 3am while I was downing a few shot's of tequila. Some seemed to have some connection with Jesus piloting some kind of alien space craft's, seen him in the "cockpit" or such (No...not the gay bar...the pilot seat). Maybe these UFO's are causing the Global Warming? Give me a damn paycheck!!

Marijuana good for the brain or bad...whatever the case is...it's too late for me...I smoked alot of dope in my younger year's! And I mean "alot". When I was in town's like New York and London, looking at the pin(skinny)joint's they rolled in them town's...I just looked at it and thought to myself.."Um,um,um...lord have mercy, what in the world is this?" (I guess cause it's so expensive) I mean...we were rolling joint's here like cigar's!

Thank You Guy.....

04 April, 2009 05:04  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I'd like to make a couple points on this Powell case.That the media or any official's cant make.

Powell is what most vet cop's would consider a "Hotdog" (young/green).You cant survive in a town like Dallas as a hotdog. You will either end up like Powell, from a review panel... IAD will tear you to shred's, or in worse scenario...some thug/banger will pop/shoot you eventually. He doesnt know how to play the turf. Powell resigned because behind closed door's he was asked to by fellow officer's...okay? (reality) either that, or never work an outdoor detail again or get promoted to anything. Or walk on your own...that is the reality choices that are given.The best move is to "walk"...everybody win's that way.What Powell done is not shocking to me at all...I seen cop's, hotdog's and vet's both...in town's like Dallas as well as LA, who will first put their foot in your ass or on your throat...call your mother a "Ho" then ask question's later.

Another point...you cant alway's BS suspect's. Powell I noticed told this guy he can run him into jail on a redlight run...what Powell didnt tell him...is the jail wont take him. You can try to run with a "fleeing authority" violation,but that's it. Red light run is "Class C"(misdemeanor) meaning it's citatable, but not a jail charge. You can only qualify for jail if you failed to pay or appear on the citation...and then not necessarily be taken to jail even...if it comes up that you didnt appear on a stop check on your monitor and there is a warrant on such...you can write another ticket for FTA (failure to appear)most DPD wont take you to jail on citation warrant's unless you have 10 or more. Citation's are traffic violation's like the light, or maisfestation of prostitution,theft $50 and under, or pot possession of 4ounces and under.All jail's in Dallas are county ran...so you can take anyone you want to the jail...but it's pointless...cause the jail wont take them on these citation's and every cop knows it...so they dont waste their time and money, they citate you instead, and fry the bigger fish.So how do they get you or the money you owe? They wont renew your liscense or ID until you pay is how!Another thing this alledged offense occured in Dallas city/county...once you cross that street/line and are in Collin County or City of Plano as in this particular juristiction...you cant do nothing without CC Sheriff or PPD assistance, nor could you even get a DPD suspect transport unit to even pick up a suspect to transport on a citation offense, the downtown Dallas County Jail is about 25 miles away, nor would the jail accept such a petty offense.. so this is all silly talk. You simply cant BS many suspect's...they may actually know the law..and how the system work's...and call your bluff.

The same with speeding citation's, there is an "unwritten" rule amongst DPD traffic unit's...they wont usually write you a speeding ticket unless your at least 13 miles or more over the speed limit. Why? Where's the money is why?

04 April, 2009 08:56  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I think anyone watching that video can see that the guy simply had no business being in such a position of authority in the first place.

04 April, 2009 09:44  

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