07 April 2009


Americans are becoming more optimistic about the economy, with 39% now saying things are heading in the right direction, up from 15% in mid-January.

Arguably people are actually still too pessimistic, since most expect the recession to last at least a year, whereas (as I've noted previously) knowledgeable parties such as Bernanke and the CBO expect it to end in the second half of 2009.

Obama's ratings remain generally favorable. Bear in mind, too, that the public will likely give Obama and the Democrats credit when the inevitable economic recovery arrives, even though the ill-crafted "stimulus" bill will have little to do with it.


Blogger Rita said...

Anybody listening to Bernanke and the CBO, has blinders on. Real people are really feeling the impact. *sheesh*

07 April, 2009 20:56  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Please re-read the posting. The question isn't whether there are impacts; of course there are. The question is how long the problem will last. Bernanke and the CBO are in a much better position to assess that than all these doom-and-gloom-spouting columnists and bloggers.

08 April, 2009 02:54  
Anonymous rita said...

Perhaps, & I hope you are right, but we will see.

09 April, 2009 06:37  

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