07 January 2009

Violence against Jews in Europe

The inevitable begins.....

Update: Background on cowardice in the face of Islam here; report from Dublin here; and a pro-Israel rally in, of all places, Paris.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

This reaction coming from the globe on jew's doesnt suprise me at all...which is all the more reason for the jew's to continue their bombing in the Gaza. If your going to be persecuted like they have for generation's without no break...you might as well target those who persecute you and at least go down defending yourselves. My word's to Israel..
Keep pounding them hard day and night. As far as what the UN thinx or the liberal community? Dont care about it...they have shown extreme weakness...and to follow their advice and path can only make you weak...in a present point of our evolution where strength and military reaction is still gravely needed.The future species will be different...but we are still in our primitive stage...regardless of how liberal and understanding and knowledgeable we snowball ourselves into believing we are.

07 January, 2009 11:56  

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