06 January 2009

Is Hamas like the Nazis?

Is it fair to compare Hamas to the Nazis? Actually, there are some important differences between the two.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Hello,Mr.Infidel...I just wanted to comment that I thought this piece to be of interest. At a point it brought back some old memories. Let me explain here... I worked with about a half a dozen guy's for some time that were all muslim immigrant's from mostly Morocco,a few became fairly good buddies of mine,they of coarse were all muslim by religious faith. They were all young men,one in particular of the bunch named Rasheed was extreme in his belief's and very outspoken..to the point where a couple other's would just tell him right out to shut up when he got on one of his Quran preaching roles. They all knew I respected a person's belief's...but also knew I was anti-religious and was raised as a little boy by my jew grandma. Rasheed would tell me all kind's of thing's late at night(we worked out on the street's in the night) how if I would just embrace a religion (islam in this case) how it would change my life and would enlighten me,etc.But I recall one night when he told me that the day would come when the jew will hide behind the tree and the tree would talk to the muslim and say.."The jew is behind me hiding ...go kill him"...this is a guy who thought that I was extreme when it came to my view's on national defense and our ability and need to utilize our power's for security reason's. Other than that...he was really a nice guy...and very generous,another one of them named Lotfi...gave me my first Quran. No I did not get born again or nothing...I just wanted to read it and these boy's taught me just how different these folk's are culturally from us. I live in Texas and most American/Texan folk's look at Japanese...or say Mexican's,or such as being culturally different..after hanging with these guy's for a couple year's I started to realize also..that they are really culturally different...and I started looking at Japanese,even Mexican's and even Russian's as being basically the same like us,except with a different language.These guy's are also raised I noticed to have some really unique view's about the female gender and their role in society which I found to be very different than us...I mean...in some cases...kind of extreme.As far as jew's go...they never talked about jew's much around me...but it was about being "respectful" is all...like I said...we got along real well, and I learned quite a bit from them.

07 January, 2009 11:41  

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