04 January 2009

Eyeless in Gaza?

It has been said that there is no such thing as civilized warfare, but throughout its decades under siege, the state of Israel has always sought to demonstrate the contrary.

The Gaza operation continues this tradition. During its effort to stop the jihadist rocket bombardment of its southern cities, Israel has allowed dozens of truckloads of medical supplies to enter the Gaza strip, and has even gone to the trouble of telephoning Gaza civilians living near military targets to warn them to leave before those targets were attacked.

As a result, despite the extremely high population density in the Gaza strip and the standard jihadist practice of stationing weapons and command posts in civilian areas (turning Muslim civilians into human shields), the number of civilian casualties has so far been astonishingly low. The great majority of the 500 or so persons killed so far have been Hamas terrorists and enforcers, and have included at least three high-level leaders.

This contrasts starkly with the consistent tactics of the jihadists against Israel: rockets fired at random into cities, bombs targeting buses or discos or crowded streets.

It is the contrast between the civilized and the barbaric -- between the civilized and the Muslim.

All this, of course, wins no credit with the idiot mobs of western Europe, who will rage against Israel whenever it acts to defend itself, no matter how extraordinary and unprecedented its efforts to act humanely. Where were all these protests when Hamas was firing thousands of rockets at Israeli towns?

Nevertheless, there are signs that other governments are exerting much less real pressure on Israel to back down than they have done in previous cases, whatever cowardly statements they make in public. Perhaps they have become exhausted or enlightened or both after decades of appeasement of terrorism which leads only to more terrorism. Perhaps they are finally awakening to the real nature of the enemy.

(If you are one of those who believe that military force "never solves anything" or leads to a "cycle of violence" or "will just make them hate us more", please read this.)

And now the ground operation has begun. May the forces of civili-zation prevail. Their victory is in the interest of all of us -- even the yammering ignorantsia in the streets of London and Paris.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

This has been mind blowing to me, because what is happening here is SO obvious that even a person with an IQ below 70 can see this(mine isnt that much over 70). What the shocking part to me is...the response from the majority in the west on this. I have even showed plenty of sympathy for Palestinian's over the last couple decades...but I see no connection with the peoples of the Gaza and these defender's of their's called Hamas. I attended the Pro-Palestinian rally in downtown Dallas last friday...which in this town was entirely anti-Israel. The first thing I thought to myself was..."Damn...it's been a long time since 9/11...heh?" Because I was thinking thing's like what it would be like if we had a pro-al Qaeda rally in downtown a few day's after 9/11...and the American's response to it. I also wonder how American's would react if a group like this humanitarian Hamas were to set up shop across the border in Canada...and were firing rocket's daily into cities like Detroit,Seattle,Buffalo, blowing up mall's and urban center's...how American's would respond? This has been absolutely insane to me! And some of the sign's I seen at this rally that Israel is using Nazi tactic's? This is insane...why? because the Nazi's made their agenda and tactic's very clear...they certainly were not shy about that, and it is available to anyone to read...in other word's...if Israel were using Nazi tactic's...there wouldnt even be any conflict...because there wouldnt be any Palestinian's. Thank You Mr.Infidel.

04 January, 2009 22:03  

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