31 December 2008

Warren wars: Obama tai okama

I've already linked to a number of reactions to the Rick Warren issue from Obama supporters (the ones who are starting to wake up, anyway) here. Now let's sample what's being said around the PUMAsphere and elsewhere.

Reclusive Leftist notes that homophobia isn't the only reason why Warren was a bad choice.

Ms Placed Democrat is relishing the spectacle of Obama donors demanding their money back.

Oh...My Valve is merciless: "Now it's the gays who were stupid enough to vote for Pampers expecting support when the douche-bag dunces who coronated the braying ass said that the struggle for gay rights is not a civil rights issue.....You idiots were not paying attention and now you're fucked. If you think Rick Warren braying at the inauguration is the end, just you wait." Go read it all.

Dissenting Justice (a site I highly recommend, by the way) has been blogging up a storm about Warren -- analyzing the issue, reviewing blogger reactions, explaining why it feels dangerous to some, debunking the "diverse views" defense, and comparing Obama's actions with his expressed views on Don Imus. For good measure, here's a posting on the "slippery slope" argument against gay marriage.

Christopher Hitchens, of course, can't be described as a PUMA, but he's always worth a read. And Barney Frank has taken a stand against Warren.

Perhaps most startling of all, Time magazine actually published an essay describing Obama as a "bigot".

Die-hard Obama apologists can dodge and weave and change the subject all they want, but this issue is not going away.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Well...you certainly been doing your homework...Heh? I dont blame you...hell...if I was that angry I would too. But this is what I been talking about before...and I expect there to be more criticism to come of this guy...because...this is a person that is going to do thing's that MANY are NOT going to like.Now if you noticed...even the anti-Iraeli left are attacking him...because he's not giving any response yet to who he supports on Israel/Palestine..and previously in so many word's defended Israel. What shocked me so far...is how much I actually agree with Obama, and been more than pleased with his responses in the public. I did find one thing disturbing...and that was him looking at a law professor to be a possible car czar.As I said before...this man will suprise many...and that is exactly what you are posting and finding...and many are going to be angry at one thing or another. Before he won he was (critic's say) sleeping with muslim's,before that he was a nothing,now he's a fundamoralist supporter, a sexist, a racist, a commi...and on and on.
Heh,heh,heh...he's got alot of folk's confused heh? They gave him more title's than the devil. :) These folk's that donated to his campaign want their money back? Do they no longer get a tax write off for campaign contribution's? Perhap's their so angry they want to double dip...get the tax write off and a refund from him too...who know's? In times these tight...you need to be careful how you spend. Even the left media now is attacking him..saying that he is shunning them...as far as I'm concerned...all their doing is pestering him...when he isnt getting a paycheck yet...and is on vacation as well..leave him alone and let him rest...he's gonna need it.Besides...this current administration is a bunch a free loading slacker's...let them get the drill a little harder...just for old times sake. I have listened to Warren in interview's and read interviews...he didnt make me think he want's women riding the back of the bus...or want's to or make them slaves of some kind. I,m not a christian...but I am not against SS marrige neither...hell..I wouldnt care if a person married their underage puppy..but I do respect Warren's opinion...do I think his prayer will collapse the union...and the gay community next month? No...I think it will not even be paid much attention to...besides those who just hate him as well. Other than that...I am looking forward to a few drinx tonight...and have a good New year guy. thanx.

31 December, 2008 10:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I certainly wouldn't criticize Obama for his refusal to comment on the Gaza operation. As he quite rightly pointed out, there is only one President at a time.

31 December, 2008 11:29  
Blogger Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Infidel - thanks for the cites! Anyway, I agree that he should not say much at all on Gaza, but the "one President at a time" thing does not work for me. He has commented on the economy several times, and many liberals have gloated that he has overtaken Bush in terms of presidential news.

I think the real distinction here (between Gaza and the economy) is that it involves foreign policy - implicating other nations. It would be unseemly for him to project his voice into that discussion prematurely.

02 January, 2009 04:04  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Good point about Gaza and Obama's comments. Thanks for visiting.

02 January, 2009 06:06  
Blogger navyvet48 said...

I choose to dissent. Obama is no student of foreign relations or foreign affairs (I am not certain he is a student of anything accept his own mythical beginnings and basketball.)

He truly does not know how to respond because he can't take an honest stand and the fear he will piss off one group or another, not sure how to find that even balance. He is in my opinion "The Waffle Man" (remember this guy likes to vote present an awful lot). The question is who does he want to piss off the 70% of the Jews who voted for him or the Muslim community? Obama can't stand to make an error that shows his illiteracy on foreign affairs. His adoring fans may not kiss his feet anymore. (He suffers from narcissistic personality disorder...not just being narcissistic which is common among politicians...)

Remember his bungling of the Georgia situation. He was embarrassed by his ineffectual response as he was somewhat castigated in the MSM. (He was just running for president select at this point. He waited to see what Bush said before correcting his first ineffectual response to Georgia-Russia. McCain got it right, only one of the three.)

Since he decided to respond to the Georgia-Russia entanglement what stops him from responding to the Israel-Hamas chaos. (His cowardice!)

Obama is dishonestly using the excuse one president at a time.

06 January, 2009 03:06  

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