21 December 2008

Missed opportunity

Joseph Cannon writes:

"Lefties now accuse Bill Clinton of being a master triangulator. You betcha. He had to be. He was president during a very conservative period. Newt and Rush and all of their confreres had convinced most of the nation that Clinton was actually a bolshie, and their fulminations led many fanatical rightists to train for an armed takeover. That's what the militia movement was all about. Things are different now that the neocon experiment has run its course -- a course which led over a cliff and into a pool of septic waste. [Obama] has a rare chance to change the game. But he won't."

This is exactly why this year's election was such a tragic missed opportunity.

I believe that Hillary Clinton is a liberal by conviction, and that as President she would have spent the next eight years putting our own ideas and values into force, ramming them through over the conservatives' resistance when necessary, just as they have spent the last eight years doing to us. That's what I wanted. That's why I supported her. Instead we've got a chameleon who voted for FISA, hedged on late-term abortion, talked of keeping Bush's faith-based initiatives, pals around with bigots like Donnie McClurkin and Rick Warren, and shows signs of being dangerously weaker on national security than Hillary -- a man whose true core convictions and political identity are still unknowable, if they exist at all.


Blogger Alessandro Machi said...

I guess I am commenting to say that I don't have a comment. I think I agree with that assessment.

21 December, 2008 15:19  

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