16 December 2008

Public views of Blagogate and Obama

According to this Rasmussen poll, 45% of voters consider it to be "likely" that Obama is involved in Blagogate. 23% consider it "very likely" -- evidence that the MSM's spin denying and ridiculing any possibility of a connection is not working very effectively. 86% say they are following news of the scandal.

What startled me, though, was something mentioned in passing far down in the report: 2% of voters believe that Blagojevich is "more ethical than most politicians". Assuming that "voters" refers to the 130 million people who voted in last month's election, that means 2,600,000 American adults believe this. Who are these people? Where do they get their news from? Did they wander over from the Mirror Universe? I guess it's true that there is no proposition so absurd that it won't be believed by a certain number of people, but two and a half million?


Blogger Christy said...

I think some people watch TV shows and see the back-scratching, deal-making on show like The West Wing and find a parallel between Blago. and this.

Granted, most of the deals made on these dramas are for the "greater good", but really, aren't all these compromises really to keep most politicians in power?

Isn't power better than money for most people?

So poor Blago.

Had a tough childhood and got it all wrong. He didn't understand the subtle difference in back-scratching deals in politics and extortion.

It's a fine line.

Poor Manic-episode Blago. Definitely he has to go. Probably needs some Rx's and an institution more than a cushy white-collar prison though.

16 December, 2008 07:29  
Blogger mendip said...

But please remember us humble cynics who believe that many, if not all, politicians at that level are just as morally bereft, or worse. This statistic may be a combination of the views of the hopelessly naive and the hopelessly jaded....

16 December, 2008 13:53  

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