09 December 2008

Link roundup for 9 December 2008

Dennis the Peasant dissects bad leftist poetry.

Wonder why all of those Obama-citizenship lawsuits aren't getting anywhere? This offers some clues.

An unusual sexual obsession comes to a tragic end -- and so does another. Both found via Mendip, where I also found this collection of mazes, these ancient air conditioners, this wasp sucker, and this odd quirk of Catalan nativity scenes.

Here's a look at the impending switch to digital TV.

What if the stop sign had been invented by a modern advertising company? Found via Exit Zero.

John Oliver of Comedy Central gives his analysis of the Mumbai terrorist attacks (note: profanity).

The Vatican opposes decriminalization of homosexuality. I liked comment #5, from "Lokidog".

Yet another pompous religious leader offers yet another stupid pronouncement about sex.

Claims that abortion leads to depression have no basis in reality.

Steve Chapman looks at the real effects of laws against gay couples adopting. Meanwhile, support for gay marriage is growing rapidly in the US.

This seems like a clear-cut miscarriage of justice.

Disaster! Anti-illegal-immigration raids are putting employers in the ghastly position of having to offer American workers decent wages! Whatever next?! Mickey Kaus has a warning about the latest amnesty scam, while Tom Tancredo looks at some myths about Hispanic voters.

Public outcry forces the Cincinnati Zoo to abandon a deal with the ridiculous "Creation Museum".

Obama cultists who are disappointed in his post-election course were just deluding themselves all along.

Here's one reason for India's vulnerability.

Is Zimbabwe's Mugabe running out of time? He can't even pay his army any more.

Here's more on honor killings, this time among Muslims in Israel. Further horrors here (warning: gruesome imagery).

Fareed Zakaria looks at Pakistan's role in the Mumbai attack.

Britain risks a measles epidemic after vaccination rates decline.

Are terrorists "non-state actors"? No.

The world's oldest known living animal is at least 176.

A link between the herpes virus and Alzheimer's disease offers hope for treatment. Meanwhile, this technique for revitalizing the aging brain is already available to everyone.

A woman in India has had a baby -- at age 70.

Nanoparticles target cancer cells for destruction while leaving healthy cells unscathed.

We are living in exponential times.

Is chemical pollution feminizing males? Ha, ha, what a silly idea! I'd post more about this, but I need to go get my nails done.


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Oh...by the way before I forget guy, just from one man to another that is.Last time I was in your city PDX(Portland)...I went to "Ms.Thang's Nail Salon" down on SE82nd and Division...they have a "do one hand and get one free" going on for those special liberated men like us who explore our feminine side! :)

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