28 November 2008


As I write this, the estimated death toll from the terrorist attacks in Mumbai has risen to 125 and will probably go higher. Indian security forces are gradually regaining control of the situation, but the name of India's great cosmopolitan metropolis is already written in spattered civilized blood alongside those of New York, Washington, Beslan, London, Madrid, and Bali. Of course it is misleading to treat this as something new, since India has suffered many Islamic terrorist attacks over the years; like Israel, India seems to enrage the jihadists merely by existing. But this latest atrocity has reached a level that even a people as oblivious to the outside world as Americans are cannot ignore.

It should remind us that there are issues more important than the internal political differences which have obsessed us recently. It should remind those who bleat on about "the politics of fear" that there really are things out there to fear, and that if we pretend real threats do not exist, we are likely to suffer for our self-delusion. And it should remind us that whatever differences we may have with countries like India, Russia, Israel, or the EU states, all of the civilized peoples need to stand together and cooperate without reservation against the barbarian common enemy.

Update (2:20 PM): "More than 150 people were killed when the teams of gunmen stormed the Taj and another hotel, a popular restaurant, hospitals, a Jewish center, a crowded train station and at least five other sites. A group of suspected Muslim militants claimed responsibility." (source)



Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Barbarism? ...well..the human race period to an extent are all barbarian's. I been writing about this myself here and there,nothing yet on the situation in India,but about how we "should" expect these thing's to increase...as well as sabotages of oil transport and refining...look's like those "have-not's" in East Africa hit 2 bird's with one stone on that..saying screw the sabotage...let's make a buck and be "pirate/terrorist's" But also...many around the globe simply dont like what they consider greedy capitalist pig's, and many see us that way...the weird part is...they themselves are trying to become the same thing they oppose.I recall years ago in London...we were confronted with terror threat's constantly,I was in a store hall crowded one day for instance...and sudden evacuation moves had to be made because they said a bomb would go off,we didnt have time to be frightened...we had to haul ass. Back in them day's even though London was jammed packed with muslim's...we had to fear the IRA (Irish Republican Army). As long as folk's feel oppressed,cheated,disrespected,or a number of other thing's,there will be"individual's" out there, like Bin Laden...or even Charlie Mansion...or anyone of those who claim to help those types that feel stepped on...who will take advantage of the "moment" and spread their hatred through those who follow them.I wrote a post on why terrorism work's..and why it will continue to,and the must to "deal" with it...but not the way we have been.I am opposed to alot myself..I am opposed to the way we make our military fight with one hand tied behind their back's..and also opposed to the way we disrespect other's around the world and dont mind our own business..and act as though we are the supreme culture.Dont get me wrong...I love our capitalistic culture...and even those who have never been here would like it too once they get a "taste" of it.We will also see that our support will even grow as these terror folks grow...why? Because many islamist's even cant stand them types that terrorize...I have a friend who is a born and raised arab muslim for instance who told me how he was threatened in school back in his country just for "questioning" and suggesting that religion does not belong in politic's..this mindset is also spreading...should we live in fear? Well...to each their own..whatever work's for you,fear at the same time is a "survival" tool..keeping you aware...too much of anything can be distructive to one's self. Thank you

28 November, 2008 08:16  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Much of the world, including India and Subsaharan Africa, has worse poverty than the Islamic countries, and a comparable or worse history of colonial oppression. Yet almost all of the terrorism in today's world is Islamic. Making excuses for them only compounds the problem. If the Muslims can't or won't keep their own thugs from repeatedly mass-murdering civilized people, then we will have to do it for them.

28 November, 2008 08:42  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

You made a hell of a good point Mr.Infidel...oppression of modern times is so much more softer than of the past it seem's like on every avenue.Folk's who got a "grudge" look for a "cause"..I think in alot of these terror guru's..the Quran is just a "conveinient" cause..and to find word's to attack other's like the word "infidel"(no pun intended):)
if folk's want to find a cause..they will find one in something else if there wasnt a Quran.Fundamoralist's(christians) for instance had a small terror movement in your city a few years back...that fat bearded guy who died,cant recall his name off hand..but listening to them and reading their literature...made it seem justified to kill abortion doctors..and make a death list of them on the net..this was right in your own town..they didnt succeed,but..they could have.These "poor" of East Africa for instance...are easy to influence...in other word's..I think it is other's such as the original islamic jihadist's that inspire other's in other land's to do these thing's..and with our folks..acting afraid and paying these ransom's will only inspire more to do the same..we cant pay these people...and we cant pay our enemy to be our friend...it's also a waste of money...cause when were out of money...then what? And you hit the nail on the head when you said"we will have to do it for them"...we are going to have to act...bottom line...and yes...nuclear hit may have to be an option.But at the same time...I think we should stay out of where we are clearly not invited...and let many of these countries duke it out their selves.We tend to sell many "woof" ticket's...but show little action.If you were in prison...newly arrived...and sat at the table with the bullies in chow hall...and shared your morning sweet roll with them and friday fish...you would soon have to fight to save your anus from invasion. But if your not invited on good term's by these bullies...why do you sit in their territory you must ask yourself? Many of our solutions are simple.

28 November, 2008 09:31  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

How likely is it that we will wake up tomorrow and hear that the Christian fundamentalist anti-abortion movement has hijacked a bunch of planes and crashed them into a crowded skyscraper?

How likely is it that Chabad-Lubavitch gunmen will seize control of buildings all over an Indian city and murder scores of people in cold blood?

When do you next expect to see a bunch of Hindus take over a Russian school and massacre hundreds of children?

None of those things is going to happen, and you know it. The problem is Islam, period.

28 November, 2008 09:51  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

You got a point guy!

28 November, 2008 15:09  
Blogger Prash said...

Indeed, this is a barbarism ! It affected me a lot because I know those places (Taj Mahal Hotel and Oberoi Hotel). I was in Taj Mahal Hotel for a tea 6 months ago and I go to Oberoi for my hair-cut...None of my friends are affected (maybe also because many moved from BBY and I am not from BBY).

What is surprising is that they didn't use the usual way of terrorism - bombs in trains and kamikazes...this time it was affronted face to face (like in those movies) with AK 47s and grenades (chinese fabrication, btw, probably a fake one or a cheap one...)

People call it now Indian 7/11....well, I appreciate Indian PMs speech because he didn't mention Pakistan (the word Pakistan) he just mentioned that there is a foreign implication. Because, we all know that it is not Pakistani people or Pakistan Govt. which did this...A month ago, these terrorists also targeted Mariot Hotel in Islamabad (many diplomats and influential pakistanis died).

What scares me is that the right wing nationalist party will use this opportunity and will make an issue that the current Govt. didn't dare enough to point fingers to Pakistan...they will certainly win the next elections ...

28 November, 2008 23:50  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I can only wish India the best in recovering from this atrocity and hope that the US will offer whatever kind of help, if any, India decides it needs.

The evidence is still being gathered, but it looks to me as if the Pakistani regime, or at least some elements of it, were indeed involved. If that turns out to be the case, the hard part will be deciding how to react.

29 November, 2008 06:55  
Blogger Prash said...

The fact : The President and the PM of Pakistan are not the ones who is controlling the Army (thanks to the US's fav ex-President of Pakistan's type of ruling a country). Those military is giving technical training and in some ways monetary funds to such kind of liberation groups in Kashmir (just to give trouble to India). Kashmir is not an easy topic to be solved. Such independent militant terrorist groups are monetarily funded by the Pakistan Govt. (I personally think not any more!)...I doubt Pakistan Govt. involving in this...they cannot afford such an incident which will isolate them more and especially when there is a change in Washington and they cannot afford no-relationship or less-relatioship status with USA...they cannot do this gaffe...politically I think Islamabad is not involved...if so, that would be properly the Army (which should be more controlled by the Govt.)....ah ah ah ah ! I get frustrated when I talk about the Middle - East crises and the Indo-Pakistani prob in Kashmir and also the border issue with China for India...it is exasperating !

29 November, 2008 08:48  

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