25 November 2008

Sites to check out

Some sites I'm reading these days:

The PUMA Forums -- Energetic discussions, including one non-political "casual" forum. It's PUMA turf but pretty much any anti-Obama viewpoints are welcome (there are a few nuts -- they're trying to be inclusive).

The Daily PUMA -- Frequently-updated links to the latest postings on dozens of PUMA blogs (and a few right-wing ones).

The Republic of T -- Terrance introduces himself as "Black. Gay. Father. Vegetarian. Buddhist. Liberal." Consistently intelligent and interesting. Leans pro-Obama, but the subject rarely comes up.

Hillary Clinton Army -- 20% politics to 80% retro pop culture. Leans Obama-reconciliationist, but again, the subject rarely comes up.

Cannonfire -- It's still the best blog on Obama and the election. Occasional forays into non-political topics, always highly literate.


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