23 November 2008

Link roundup for 23 November 2008

Think you aren't getting some of your mail? Maybe you aren't. But it does seem that this German jail has reliable mail service. These Indiana jail inmates, though, had other priorities than escaping.

Remember when the future was supposed to look like this?

Check out New York City's new prayer booth.

The Vatican forgives John Lennon! Next week: John Wayne Gacy forgives Albert Schweitzer.

Why can't our third parties be like Australia's? (Well, maybe the US Minerals Management Service is getting the idea.)

Want a bracing dose of totalitarian oppression to add zest to your life? Try this theme park (found via Mendip).

This year's US National Intelligence Council report predicts that the US will decline -- and Russia will rise. Russian dissident Garry Kasparov has advice for Americans.

Obama continues to make middle-of-the-road appointments, to the annoyance of nutjobs who supported him. More detonations here. Meanwhile, Ayman al-Zawahiri makes an idiot of himself (sent by Ranch Chimp).

Obama's worst move: nominating Eric Holder for anything.

This year's election was pretty much like earlier ones.

McCain won more Christian Right votes this year than Bush did in 2004 -- proving that turning out the "base" is not the key to future Republican victories.

Gay marriage will inevitably win (found via Republic of T).

Mexican migration to the US has declined sharply, due to the economic slowdown and tougher US laws.

There's much more to India's space program than just the lunar probe.

This heroic story deserved a lot more coverage.

Doctors in Britain have performed the world's first implantation of a complete organ grown from the patient's own stem cells.

Silicon.com interviews Ray Kurzweil about the promise of near-future technology.

George Dvorsky meets Kurzweil's co-author, Terry Grossman. More grounds for optimism here.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Mr.Infidel! It's 1:40am here on the Ranch(Dallas),many are asleep,some are waiting for that "last call" at their favourite nightclub...me...heh, heh,heh..I'm nocturnal.Thanx for your weekly round-up. The "prayer booth" in NYC...Geeez..why didnt I think of that?..I could make a fortune in Dallas with it's oversaturation of christian's!After all..I am a goddamn capitalist! As far as the Vatican forgiving the Beatles..Awwhhh...
hogwash! Dont trust the Vatican, it's all a scam..they been loosing so much damn money on all these pedo-cornholing cases with the boy's...their trying to divert attention...their clever! how do you think they got so wealthy? The piece from MSNBC on "Intel report predict's U.S. decline,etc" great piece(well at least to me)yep...
old"Al"(aL-Qaida) dont even really see the reality yet that they are going to be up against!Boy,are they in for a treat!Little do these folk's know...they have been turning muslim's away worldwide,and a more independent mindset from western intervention has been permeating the atmosphere of the middle east,Africa,and other places...heh,heh,heh...let's just say..it's human nature to not want to loose what you accumulate..and any slice of "freedom" is included in that. They are actually creating a whole new wave of enemies,they will learn in time. Also..folk's do not realize the economical effect's that global warming is going to have on the nation's of the world,as far as places like Russia,Canada,and even Palin's lovely state of Alaska. A couple folk's have asked me why I alway's sound so confident of how I see thing's in the future..asking if I am psychic or whatever...this is all silly..no..I am not psychic..I dont talk with spirit's,hell..I'm not even spiritual!...nor give a damn if there were spirit's for that matter!...I just simply look at the whole picture to make my assessment's and conclusion's. Something we fail to do at times. Thanx guy...have a good un!

24 November, 2008 00:08  
Blogger Prash said...

Gay marriage will win inevitably, well...hope ~ and only hope makes us continue our life in the positive direction.

Do we really bother about Vatican anymore ? perhaps , yes...loads of catholics in this world !

24 November, 2008 04:49  
Blogger Christy said...

I thought I saw a commercial with Obama saying he was OK with guns for self-protection?


Well, that is disappointing.

Where I'm from (that's fruuuum), kids bought guns to school on their gunracks in their trucks and we only killed a few people....but that was a knife fight.

24 November, 2008 06:37  

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