08 November 2008

Aborting the abortion "issue"

Republicans wondering how to refine their message in order to try for a comeback in 2010 and 2012 would be well advised to heed the voters' verdict on three state measures to restrict abortion.

In conservative South Dakota, Measure 11, an initiative to ban abortion, lost by 56%-44% despite including certain exceptions (rape, incest, and health of the mother) which had been omitted from a similar proposal rejected by voters in 2006.

Colorado's Amendment 48, which would have redefined "persons" to include fertilized egg cells, was defeated by a margin of almost three to one.

And in California, even Proposition 4, which would merely have mandated parental consent for girls under 18 to have abortions, lost by 52%-48%.

Look, if you can't pass this stuff in South Dakota, you can't pass it anywhere. It's time to acknowledge that forcing women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term is moving into the same category as defending segregated water fountains or anti-miscegenation laws. This is a settled issue. Our society has made up its mind. The debate is over. If you try to keep arguing about it in 2012, you're just going to look unserious.


Blogger Christy said...

So true, so true.

I just saw SOMETHING (I forget, dammit) on the tube about the demise of the two-party system, at least based on traditional geographical parameters.

As the country gets more homogenous, the stark divisions that used to allow mini dynasties of one party or the other--esp. in the presidency--might dry up.

I'll have to muse on this some more.

The two-party system works with a relatively uneducated public--gives them basic us and them choices to work with instead of trying to think out the issues. Now, we might either have to try to think out complicated issues, or it will just become completely a beauty contest.

08 November, 2008 05:52  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Heh,heh,heh...I'm a Texan...and probably considered a commi by some,I am not only pro-choice..I actually feel abortion should be mandatory in some cases. I seen a baby once while visiting a nurse friend in the Dallas County hospital...she worked in the maturnity ward...this baby was hooked up to more wires then I have hooked up to my electronics in my living room..ugly as a pit bull...almost a skeletal frame,a mom who was a "1on1" addict (one on one is where you mix 50%heroin,50%cocaine and run it..IV inject) father unknown..no money..I found out the government pay's approx. a half a million to keep this poor child in misery for a year...but refuse to pay around $500 or whatever to abort the birth.Instead making this baby live on...to enter a world of poverty,misery..probably crime or what have you..and mothers that do this should be fixed like a bitch. And the males sterilized.Our value's are stupidity and masochistic. Thank you

09 November, 2008 06:20  
Blogger Quantum_Flux said...

You are right about that. Besides, if "bleeding heart liberals" are okay with abortion, then it can't be immoral.

15 November, 2008 21:30  

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