08 November 2008

Link roundup for 8 November 2008

MWB takes a moment to thank the man who made Obama's victory possible. Riverdaughter seethes in the same spirit.

Jabberwock dissects another Chick tract.

Evidently charities have too much money, since they can afford to turn it down for absurd reasons (sent by Mendip). Similarly, Texas must now be totally free of actual crime, since its police can afford to waste resources going after stuff like this.

It's the Night of the Living Obama Supporters!

Dan Savage notes an unpleasant fact about the narrow victory of California's gay-marriage ban. More here. And this is even more disturbing.

Chizumatic calls the election a "coming of age" moment.

Elections come and go, but Catholic priests keep on doing what they do best.

The menace of terrorism remains very real.

Is China going to crash?

Islamic justice strikes again!

This breakthrough could improve the prospects for solar power.

Another innovation could help the elderly walk more easily.

North Carolina researchers discover a super-painkiller.

Technology harnesses bacterial propulsion to benefit humans.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Night of the living Obama supporters..I have watched this on your post several times already,I cant help it...it makes me laugh everytime I watch it..I think it's hilarious! Especially when they say that Obama dont care about them and find's them annoying or whatever. Thanx! :)

10 November, 2008 23:52  

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