03 November 2008

Reminders, one day before the vote

Hard-core Obama cultists will, of course, studiously avoid reading or viewing anything that might undeceive them. For anyone else who is reading this, though, some reminders on key points:

(1) Barack Obama is not legitimately the Democratic nominee. His followers stole the nomination from Hillary Clinton by blatant fraud and intimidation during the caucuses.

(2) His cult has engaged in a campaign of systematic vilification, dehumanization, and sliming of all opposition, most notably the disgusting misogynistic attacks on Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin -- a campaign without parallel in modern American politics.

(3) The Wright/TUCC issue remains. Does Obama find rabid anti-white racism, America-bashing, and paranoia to be acceptable? If not, why did he take as his spiritual mentor, for most of his adult life, a man who preached those things? Why did he attend that man's church for equally long, and bring his daughters there? If I were religious, I would not stay for even a moment in a church whose preacher talked about blacks the way Wright talked about whites.

(4) Several other important issues, including national security, are addressed in my own posting here, which also responds to some of the concerns and reservations which those of us on the left might naturally have about a McCain administration.

(5) On the war-and-peace issue, this veteran says it better in two minutes than a lengthy essay I might write could hope to do. Note also that US troops overwhelmingly favor McCain.

The polls say the American electorate is on the brink of making a terrible mistake. But for myself, I think our people are wiser than the pundits give them credit for. Tomorrow will tell.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

On part#1 concerning "fraud/intimidation" I checked Texas out first because I voted of coarse in the daytime primaries,but didnt go back to vote in the caucus vote,even though from what I understand,is I could have..but also the lines and the night are of factor too for some,etc. I alway's vote in Texas,but to be honest..I never really clearly understood this different voting,and when I'm told I get to vote twice..I mean..why would I NEED to vote twice? I read that one twice..and still dont have a "clear" picture of how it's all ran and figured..maybe I need to attend a college class on it ...heh? To me it sound's like more "mumbo jumbo" created to form a crock of crap and packaged with gold lining,I mean..when someone is smiling at me...and saying something like"guess what..you can come back and vote again tonight.." I wonder.."Wassup?" I mean...why would I need to..or deserve such a priviledge? And what the hell is the purpose? To me guy...I dont like it and never did! A vote is a vote to me..and I dont like this "electorial" crap either..or all the complexities I been hearing and reading about and various way's to vote all over America.Why the hell cant there just be a "vote",and ...that's it? I know the arguement about it would be unfair to less populated states etc. But I feel that the whole goddamn voting system need's to be overhauled...period..and have felt that way for years,many working class folks that I know,dont even understand it clearly...and whenever something is presented to me like that,I watch out for the "bite",because usually someone is getting ready to stick me where the sun dont shine! And if Clinton was indeed railroaded as these folks claim...that is screwed up guy..and someone need's to answer,because that is just a "con game"....and basically "cheating".Which is very "un-American"...as far as I'm concerned. Plus...I dont trust a damn thing that goes on in Texas... Texas alway's has some underhanded scam going on..this has got to be about the biggest scam state in the nation,and I been all over this nation,thing's here are way too loose and unregulated!

03 November, 2008 16:23  
Anonymous handmaiden said...

I just heard something I thought was a humorous dig at right wing thinking , but also an insightful commentary on the nature of politics...

"Barack Obama attends a christian church for 20 years & that makes him a Muslim, John McCain never goes to church & that makes him a christian."

I'm not saying the left is any better or any worser then the right, but, pointing out that there is always that element that stoops to demonizing the opponent, inciting fear & making mountains out of mole hills.

We might not agree on who is the best candidate but we do agree on this:

"And if you think you may not like the outcome on Tuesday, look at it this way: either McCain or Obama will be a huge improvement over the guy we've got in the Presidency right now. In that sense, either way, we win."

This is the thought that I am going to keep in the forefront of my mind today. Because we've all done what we can do up to this point. It's been an exciting & historic election year & I'm to have been a part of it.

See ya on the flip side!

04 November, 2008 12:26  

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