31 October 2008

Victory, and rumors of violence?

Here's some more detailed, and revealing, discussion of those McCain campaign "internal" figures.

For the record, I still believe that McCain will win -- I have never wavered from that assessment.

MSM reassurance for agitated Obama cultists may be found here. You're gonna need something a lot stronger on Nov. 5, though.

Everyone seems to agree that the race is largely coming down to Pennsylvania. I thought that the "new politics" was supposed to consign all those bitter gun-clinging rural swing-state NASCAR low-information typical white persons to the dustbin of electoral history as being irrelevant to the Messiah's shiny new coalition? Guess that hasn't quite worked out as planned?


There have been persistent and ominous mumurs that, if Obama loses the election, riots will erupt. There have actually been a few cases of figures on the left hinting at this, in terms that do suggest that they are trying to threaten the electorate (examples here and here). However, when I googled "Obama riots loses" for more examples, what I got was almost entirely links to conservatives speculating about the possibility of riots if Obama loses.

Such talk is shameful. Violent temper tantrums by losers are not in the American tradition. The defeats of Kerry, Gore, Dole, Bush I (in 1992), Dukakis, Mondale, and so on did not trigger significant outbreaks of violence. Yes, it's true that some Obama cultists seem to be especially fanatical, and I suppose it's possible that his defeat could lead to rioting (and the authorities are prepared), but why play with fire by speculating before the fact?


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Riot's!...this is more "Halloween" talk..meant to be scary..but is actually more silly.There is no reason to riot over an election.It isnt like LAPD busting Rodney King in the head or something.Alot of these paranoia pansie's dwell on this kind of rubbish like tabloid trash.Besides,these folks up in Burbank,Glendale,West Hollywood,dont know jack about what goes on down in South Central,Compton or East LA...and some of the crap that it's citizen's have to endure having their civil right's violated daily,hell...they dont even go down there...I do and did alot,and I'm white,I didnt get jacked! Alot of these folks see a gathering of 20 blacks on the corner,they suspect their brewing a riot,20 Mexicano's they think it's a gang...lowrider's,they think are gangbangers.These folks' are so out of touch with reality it's incredible!Last year I accidently got caught in a latino demostration in downtown LA..the only folks that started inciting a riot was the LAPD,using violence against latino's who didnt do jack,I witnessed one male officer assaulting a girl half his size because she wouldnt get up on the curb! The way we treat some of our citizen's is why people get angry!

01 November, 2008 06:17  

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