10 October 2008

Comment comment

From the comments policy, as a reminder:

"This is my space; other have, or can easily create, their own. I therefore reserve the right to reject any comment on the grounds of irrelevance, insulting language, threatening language.....use of obscenity, or, to be blunt, anything else I happen to strongly dislike [emphasis added]. Please note that this is not a freedom-of-speech issue. I neither have nor want any power to prevent you from saying anything you choose. But I am not obligated to provide you with a forum in which to say it."

I don't reject comments just because I disagree with them, as the large number of Obama-leaning comments recently appearing here attests. However, I did recently reject one rather snotty-toned comment consisting essentially of a long rehash of various Palin smears, which would have required an inordinate amount of time to respond to by assembling links to the various debunkings and quotes of what she actually said and what actually happened -- which anyone who was paying attention would already be aware of, anyway. Experience has shown that "true believers" seldom follow links to anything that might puncture their assurances, anyway -- how dare I judge a politician by what she actually said and did, rather than by the things the MSM and the Obama cult have diligently and meticulously made up about her? For another sensible blogger's experience of where that kind of thing leads, please read this.

Debates with brick walls aside, I just will not put up with the kind of turkey whose attitude is that he has a natural right to scribble anything he wants on my space and that I'm somehow obligated to justify or explain my choices of what to post or reject. You have no such right, any more than I have a natural right to plant a lawn sign touting my favored political candidate on your lawn and then get huffy with you if you remove it.

I think I'll take another break from blogging for a while. Hell, the surgery is less than a week away now -- maybe I'll just take a break until after that. Until then, I can barely walk, the prescription painkillers are the only thing that's keeping me functional at all, and I still have to drag myself to the office almost full-time every day to train the person who will be covering for me while I'm off work. I have way too much on my mind right now to be worrying my head over this kind of crap.

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