07 October 2008

McCain makes his case

Here's what people always say they want from political candidates: a serious discussion focusing on actual issues rather than on the fluff. He needs to keep doing this, even if the media would rather spend their time rehashing long-debunked trivia about Palin.

28 days to go.


Anonymous handmaiden said...

Now you're starting to sound like a Politician. :)*

IMO, he spends more time dissing Obama then anything else in this speech. As far as what he going to do he hasn't said anymore then he did in the last debate. except maybe make more promises. If he could do all those things he promises he'd be something else for sure. I just don't believe it. Besides, there's Palin...

I'm sure the mud is really going be slung(?)a lot thicker from both sides, here on out.

*I just have politics on the brain, I think.

07 October, 2008 06:46  
Blogger Christy said...

Yes, we have to hear the politician's opinion, but McCain is so bad a speaker it is painful.

I feel sorry for him. I really do.

I don't think that's indicative of his qualifications as president (except that he's not a good communicator), but he needs to be a bit more succinct.

I hope he does well tonight, just for the sake of fairness.

07 October, 2008 14:58  
Blogger Christy said...

LOL, I meant if that speech I saw really IS for presentation somewhere.

07 October, 2008 15:55  

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