01 October 2008

The cult

This is just creepy.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I have been reading the comments after the video's.I must be missing somehthing...because I dont find either one of the video's "creepy"..or even anything out of the ordinary..just kids singing.Many of us sang in school or in church as kids...and I think alot of us...just went through it as routine..and didnt really care much about what we were singing about or give much thought to it at all.Actually I was shocked at many comments on it...why this is weird or whatever is puzzling to me. I guess folks think that this will programme kids or something...I dont know.School bored the hell out of me as a kid most of the time...I didnt have much interest in anything they were teaching us.I'd just go to a library and found things I was intersted in...but they made us participate to pass or whatever.Most of us would just laugh the stuff off after school anyways.That's just me..I'll shut up.

01 October, 2008 18:30  
Blogger handmaiden said...

Like ranch chimp I it reminded me of church more then anything. My daughter used to sing in heartfelt songs church all the time at that age. It's not my cup of tea anymore, but...
Actually, I thought pulling the Hitler card was the creepy part.

02 October, 2008 06:30  
Blogger Christy said...


But not too creepy.

Glad you're back! Good luck with everything!

(If you want, tell me about the surgery! I'm doing orthopedics right now--as a matter of fact, my patient today had a total hip replacement and is doing so well!)

02 October, 2008 14:38  

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