18 September 2008

Link roundup for 18 September 2008

McCain sings Streisand!

Run! It's the cannibal zombie bloggers!

The Vatican gets something right (sent by Blurber).

Muslim cleric Sheikh Muhammad Munajid condemns Mickey Mouse (sent by Mendip). He's not real keen on women's Olympic uniforms, either.

This British zoo has a gorilla webcam.

See spectacular pictures of Hurricane Ike (found via Cannonfire).

What we're about: here's one of the best elucidations I've seen of the goals of the PUMA movement.

Today's Electoral College map shows McCain ahead 274-243.

The "brain drain" goes into reverse as Europe's investment in physics research makes it a magnet for scientists -- including Americans.


Anonymous Blurber said...

"Mr Munajid was asked to give Islam's teaching on mice during a religious affairs programme broadcast on al-Majd TV, an Arab television network."

How come the Pope or the Archbishop of Canterbury don't get asked intelligent and penetrating questions like this during profound discussions on religion?

18 September, 2008 08:46  
Blogger FranIAm said...

Oh to find a link to a Catholic news service here...

It is alas one true that the Catholic church is very strong on science. I know, can't prove much about that whole Jeebus business, but that is why it is called faith.

I am pondering that it appears easier for us to reconcile our differences on the topic of religion than the topic of presidential candidates.

I will email you as comments do not seem the place to deal with it, but you made some generalizations in your last comment on my blog last week, that are not entirely accurate.

That saddens me greatly, but so be it.

18 September, 2008 11:39  
Blogger Christy said...

That McCain clip makes me smile!

And the Catholic Church makes me smile.......(I am now in Catholic hospital central, morning prayers and all!)

18 September, 2008 14:34  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I absolutely loved that "zombie" cartoon! I ate quite a bit of rabbit as a hunter,but I havent tried any baby Jesus yet. Sounds like if muslim cleric Munajid focuses on killing Mickey Mouse...that could be a positive..How? because they would have to spend a lifetime trying to kill a fictional character,and have less focus on killing those like the living,so let them focus on teddy bears to kill and such,and have no time to focus on the humans to kill. As far as the catholic church' stand on keeping science...well...science..sounds reasonable and sensible.By the way...the pic's of Ike were spectacular..I live in Texas and havent even seen them!But yeah...hundreds of thousands flock into Dallas when these come up on the coast..we still have thousands still living here from New Orleans and Katrina..and most I talked to..dont want to leave Dallas now.

18 September, 2008 17:22  
Anonymous handmaiden said...

Thought provoking links, as usual. The pictures of the devastation of Ike were spectacular.
Going down the comment section that came with the link I thought it rather ironic how often god was invoked & asked to bless the victims, Texas, & the survivors. I just gotta ask where was he when all this was going on? Giving Muslim clerics instruction on the evils of mice? "sheesh"

19 September, 2008 08:17  

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