26 September 2008

Down time

Sometimes life throws so much at you that you simply have to withdraw from it as much as possible to avoid being burned by it.

For over a year I've suffered from a hip-muscle condition which causes almost constant pain and limits my ability to walk. Lately it has gotten so severe that I cannot even maintain a normal work schedule, and have had to resort to prescription painkillers which, while somewhat effective, interfere with my normal sleep pattern. Just recently, too, an X-ray revealed that the underlying problem is a severely degenerated hip joint, which will need major surgery to repair. This is a daunting prospect, especially since I've never faced major surgery before.

On top of that, yesterday marked the end of a relationship with a person who has been an important part of my life for a long time. Suffice to say there was an argument, near the end of which some vicious, cruel things were said to me. My feelings and my efforts to express them were viciously trashed. I could hardly believe it, and I still can't forgive it. That's all I will have to say about this here. The personal should remain private.

There's a limit to how much pain I can cope with, especially since I also have a full-time job which I can't just quit going to until I feel better (I'm writing this posting while I'm at home on lunch break). However, there are other things I can quit doing until I feel better, and this blog is one of them. I'll be back at some point, but for now, I have no stomach to keep writing about politics and technology and all the rest of it. I need my time and energy for myself.

Over and out, for now.

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