05 October 2008

PUMAs purr and roar

A cheery report from the rally in Carson, California. More here and here. Also, an encounter with the opposition.


Blogger handmaiden said...

Ugh. Well, we all have our reasons for voting or not voting the way we do. I would of voted for Hillary, myself but since she's out I'm voting for Obama. But, then again I'm not a disgruntled Democrat.

I also believe in supporting women whether in politics or the right to choose an abortion . I certainly don't see Palin as a much of a supporter of women with those right wing Christian views of hers.

05 October, 2008 16:39  
Blogger Christy said...

I don't know Handmaiden...and I'm voting for Obama too....

I'm a liberal, but I don't think conservative women are anti-woman.

They may be anti-MY view of liberal womanhood. I'm pro-choice, of course, and her abortion stance is a trouble to me.

But she, herself, is pretty gutsy. Not that we'd be friends....

07 October, 2008 18:57  
Anonymous handmaiden said...

Well, the real point is where do her loyalties lay?

I'm a liberal, also. & like you I don't want to move the clock backwards. Sure, you can make the argument that conservative women aren't anti-woman, they are women after all. :)

It just comes down to what kind of women we want to be. This election cycle is our chance to show our strengths. Hillary Clinton would have been a good strong choice. Sarah Palin, not a good choice to represent us.

09 October, 2008 23:41  

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