04 October 2008

Link roundup for 4 October 2008

I know the quality of airline service is deteriorating these days, but this is ridiculous.

A secret "eco-village" in Wales has won its legal battle for survival (found via Mendip).

This ad is imaginative (you need to know a little British history to get it).

With 31 days to go, some are saying that the Presidential race is effectively over. It's not. Most polls show McCain only 4%-7% behind, and Obama remains politically and culturally outside the mainstream. For the record, I stand by my prediction that McCain will win.

Here are some non-filthy Palin jokes (which are, unlike Sandra Bernhard, actually funny).

An important site which I'm putting in the permanent link list: Dr. Lynette Long's study of the Democratic caucuses and how Obama won the nomination.

Thomas Sowell has wise words on the dangers of racial hype.

British journalist Gerard Baker, one of the few foreign observers who seems to actually understand the United States, debunks some myths about the credit crisis.

The Russian navy is considering ordering some new aircraft carriers -- from Ukraine. How many countries are even in a position to offer them for sale?

A new imperialism is taking root in Africa, and it's not pretty. Meanwhile, the Mother Continent's most promising country continues its slow political degeneration.

British politicians push back against barbarism.

Here's a reminder of what Shariah really means.

A note: "Masterblurber" has decided to give up blogging, at least for a while. It's possible he may be back in the future.


Anonymous handmaiden said...

ha ha! I haven't even got to ME yet & I'm laffing my ass off, which is not a bad thing, BTW.

Pushing your own plane down the runway? I'm sure I'd rather...wait, how much did that ticket cost? That's the bottom line, you know, even with the middle class brown people.

The British Ad...history & "Dickens" that was really clever, so much better then American mind numbing ZZzzz's. I'm sure I missed some (a lot) of the nuances, on this one.
I'd love to show this to a wonderful British lady I know who's husband is dying of cancer, before her very eyes. Boy, she could really use some down home humor.

Ok, 31 days is a long time. It only takes one zinger to make or break a candidate. Hmmm, or does it? "Say, it ain't so, Joe."
Well, we won't go into that yet, huh?
After the fallout, we can discuss it.

I skipped some stuff, haven't read it yet, i.e. Dr. Lynette Long's long study of the Democratic caucuses, & jumped down to the bottom. I'm hoping "Masterblurber" does not take too long of a hiatus as who else will talk to me about bugs? Or even cares about them?

04 October, 2008 08:25  

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