08 October 2008

What Palin actually said

"Oh, I think it [evolution] should be taught as an accepted principle. And, as you know, I say that also as the daughter of a school teacher, a science teacher, who has really instilled in me a respect for science. It should be taught in our schools. And I won’t deny that I see the hand of God in this beautiful creation that is Earth. But that is not part of the state policy or a local curriculum in a school district. Science should be taught in science class."

"And, um, if you’re asking, though, kind of foundationally here, should anyone end up in jail for having an … abortion, absolutely not. That’s nothing I would ever support."

More here. And of course I already mentioned this.


Blogger Christy said...

I'm pleased to hear about the science thing, but the abortion thing?

That was lukewarm.

Because.....the abortionist, the doctor, the back alley "helper" would be liable, I'm sure, in her eyes.

Then, you are left doing it yourself.

Which ain't always pretty.

But at least you won't be in jail when you bleed to death, and that IS something.

Speaking of bleeding to death, how's the surgery prep going? (Just kidding! It is such an easy operation I could probably to it myself.....)

08 October, 2008 16:30  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Because.....the abortionist, the doctor, the back alley "helper" would be liable, I'm sure, in her eyes.

Well, considering all the nonsense that's been talked about Palin, a lot of which the hard-core Obama trolls (not you) evidently still accept as revealed truth even after it's been debunked, I'm not willing to take it on faith that she actually wants legal sanctions for any of those, either.

Do check the links out. She simply is not as extremist as she's been painted -- the mere fact that her detractors have seen fit to spread so many stories that turned out not to be true suggests that there's not much there in reality.

how's the surgery prep going?

Not much left to do now -- the operation itself is less than a week away.

09 October, 2008 04:53  
Blogger Christy said...

True. I spoke out of turn, I don't know what she believes.

Email me with any details you can spare!

You know I like that stuff....

09 October, 2008 12:59  
Blogger Quantum_Flux said...

Wow, I've been told she believes the Flinstones were real. That's good stuff though, you know, that she's doesn't believe that creationism should be taught in science class.

20 October, 2008 22:07  

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