30 October 2008

Link roundup for 30 October 2008

I know people do extravagant things for love, but this is ridiculous (found via Mendip).

Prash is back home from Tokyo with some observations and pics.

The Obama cultists' "humor" is as classy as ever.

Iowahawk dissects how polling in reality differs from theory.

A citizen with a truck found a creative way to deal with that hanged Palin effigy.

This happened less than a mile from where I live. It's no wonder that McCain or Hillary lawn signs and bumper stickers have been practically nonexistent in Portland this year. I certainly wouldn't display one. Better to just stay quiet, avoid attracting the thugs' attention -- and vote.

The cult has been targeting Joe the plumber too.

Obama's website has tips for kids on getting their parents to vote "correctly". Of course, people who couldn't see anything wrong with North-Korean-style children's songs in praise of the Great One probably won't find this unsettling either.

Back in 2006, one politician tried to warn us about the problems at Fannie and Freddie.

That unprecedented surge of young voters that's supposed to seal the deal for Obama isn't materializing, at least among early voters in Florida.

Here's more on McCain's chances in Pennsylvania.

Riverdaughter looks at "High Broderism" in Democratic politics (watch the video ad at the end, too).

Is the EU common currency in danger of disintegration?

South Ossetians fear renewed violence as Russian troops are replaced with toothless EU forces.

Barbarism erupts in India.

Here's one piece of human anatomy which has been functioning continuously for 123 years.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

As far as I'm concerned,this effigy on a noose of Palin,is no different then those who are in alignment with radical white hate groups,if that was Obama,it would have caused so much racial outrage,it's wrong!The sexual verbal assault on her,is also in the same category,this is damaging to the dem's/Obama,it serves no purpose. I also want to point out that even though I voted early and for Obama,and been critical on Bush McCain and the GOP,the truth is...many American's dont really understand this financial situation,and it is very convenient for dem's to market the blame here.But McCain first of all is nothing like Bush,and this is not solely Bush' fault either on the economy,or the GOP.This is much deeper and complex then most can see,this is why I been talking about this for 3-4 years,because I seen it coming,I new with a loose Bush adm. and regulation,and the array of open contract's and flea market of bid's,and the lending laws..this would come about.Many things I dont know,but I am a hustler,pro-business,and a Texas boy..I know how this game work's. And much of what McCain say's about business and economics is actually the truth,the real problem is not McCain,or even Bush on the economy,or any small group of politician's,the problem is "business" and Wall St. getting "drunk"(as Bush put it) and our negligence to deal with this market ramrodding when we first seen it,our rep's didnt pay enough attention.But McCain talks straight on business mostly.If I didnt say this,I would be less than honest,because I HAVE a clear picture on this one issue.This bailout just really pissed me off is all. ...thank you

31 October, 2008 00:43  
Blogger handmaiden said...

Loved the first link.

About the political stuff...I'll just be glad when it's over.

31 October, 2008 05:21  

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