01 December 2008

The mark of Islam

Mumbai doctors are shocked at evidence of torture on the corpses of the terrorists' hostages.

Update (2 Dec.): More details emerge.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

That's a damn shame...this all sound's more like a "sadism" club or a bunch of serial killer's than a damn religious or political organization.When this stuff first came up...I am not one to point finger's...but I would have bet my nut's(hell of a time to bring that up heh?)that al-Qaeda was behind all of this...Why? Because it was too organized..and to me the plot seem's focused more on westerner's and Jew's than Indian's.You know...the way I see it..whether Pakistan was involved or not doesnt matter...Pakistan for long has been ignoring what is clearly coming out of their country and what it's country harbour's, bottom line.It seem's to me like Pakistan just ignores and denies than taking any action against their interior problem's.Why in the hell doesnt our President take action against countries like Pakistan? Like he would against someone like Saddam? I dont buy half the crap that I read anywayz. Another thing...someone is funding all this crap..to equip these attack's is not cheap...and there is plenty of training that went on with this too...just simply follow the money trail and the training facilities and you zero in on that. Those types see our "liberalism" as a failure, I actually agree with them on that. Another thing that nauseates them...is the idea of places like Pakistan and India getting too friendly. They especially want to keep "conflict" between government's all over this part of the world on "high" flame..if folk's "unite"..they fail.I'll shut up now.Thank You.

01 December, 2008 23:56  
Blogger Prash said...

It all sounds like a Hollywood movie or those TV series like Alias or 24...helas ! it is a true story !

02 December, 2008 22:47  

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