04 December 2008


Can the United States help poor countries by maintaining high levels of immigration? Watch this video for a simple and clear presentation of why it doesn't, and can't, work that way.

The most significant point is one made in passing: that the only way to improve the lives of most of the world's poor people is to raise the standard of living in the countries where they live now. Encouraging the most skilled and educated people to leave those countries would actually hinder this process.

I might add that the most powerful force for raising standards of living has always been, and will always be, technological progress -- more and more useful things are invented and can be produced more efficiently and therefore more cheaply, while the amount of wealth that can be created per person steadily increases. This is how the countries which are now rich got that way. If you want people in the Third World to be better off, you should want to see technology move forward as fast as possible. This is most likely to happen if the developed countries that generate most innovation are not distracted by, and forced to divert resources to deal with, the social problems which excessive levels of immigration can cause.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Wow! What a piece Mr.Infidel. I totally agree 110% on this. And been looking to post something more extensive on this subject of "immigration"..Why do I agree and have much concern with this? Because my wife is an immigrant, half of my family are immigrant's, many of my neighbor's are immigrant's..and I personally know many immigrant's.But a big problem in Dallas is "illegal" immigrant's.They even have "special" right's to an extent...because when Dallas PD drives up to them on properties in the morning for instance to ask them to move or at least pave a "hole" for business customer's to be able to drive into the stores business lot's..they ignore the police..they wont budge..or even acknowledge the officer's presence..the officer's are not able to question them..because of new law's to protect right's of people who may be discriminated. At the same time..these folk's are actually "victim's" here..constantly just used to benefit business...and folk's that want cheap labour.Our immigration need's to be addressed ASAP...very much.When I say that hundred's of them cram parking lot's of corner stores and businesses in this town for the day labour contractor's and other's to pick...I really mean that..the number's of them are incredible.This is also one of the reason's why California is crying now in it's beer over their economy being in the red..and the State of California broke..wonder why? I am very familiar with the Los Angeles area and the problem is unbelievable. I could go on and on...but I'll put a lid on it. One last thing I want to point out that is of concern to me..especially our border's...this is a critical matter as well for security reason's. Thank You.

04 December, 2008 12:27  

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