17 December 2008

Link roundup for 17 December 2008

Prash has pictures of China's first-ever gay pride march, held on Saturday in Hong Kong.

It's time for a new round of this year's popular political game, WORM ("What Obama Really Meant").

The MSM seem to be pushing the meme that Blagojevich is crazy. Maybe they're trying to discredit in advance what he might say about, er, some subject or other?

If the term "real woman" now means an overweight woman, what does "real man" mean?

Obama dodges questioning on Blagogate.

With a tougher post-WWII policy, might the map of Europe have looked like this today? (Personally I've always thought we should have cleared the German population out of Schleswig-Holstein and Niedersachsen and established the state of Israel there instead of in the Middle East.)

James Moore debunks five myths about the US economy.

Blagogate is more than just ordinary Chicago-style corruption. (Update: read this too.)

Muslim preacher Anjem Choudary condemns Christmas as evil, but praises the Mumbai terrorist attack. I guess this is an example of that religion-based morality we're always told atheists lack.

Does Obama contemplate backstabbing Israel?

A new book looks at society without God.

1,500,000,000 pencils are produced each year, but not one single person on Earth knows how to make one. (Update: watch this video too.)

Japanese athlete Takashi Shimokawara adheres to a more grueling regimen of training and exercise than most people could endure, and competes successfully at track-and-field. Oh, and he's 102.

The technology of surgical implants continues to improve.

Check out Project Aiko, a sort of human version of the pleo, but more sophisticated (and potentially more fun to play with).

Here are a couple more music videos I like: Nastya Kamenskih with Ukraina Yulya and Alexander Buinov with the Russian army.


Anonymous Blurber said...

To Anjem Choudary I say, "Merry Christmas!"

17 December, 2008 08:34  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Some good point's in that piece about the myth's about U.S. economy too. As far as Christmas...well I just like all them little damn twinkle light's folk's have up.Going shopping at this time of the year is a nightmare to me...and those same old christmas song's in every store over and over and over...get's irritating.What muslim preacher's may think about it...I never wondered to be honest.

19 December, 2008 04:44  

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