30 December 2008

Quote for the day

"I became very tired of kitchen psychologists and self-appointed preachers - on the Left, and more tired of those on the Right. Putting aside irritated and smug tone of the ignorant rant by adequately named Twisted Spinster, let me just note that socialism was - and is, in every place it is welcomed, - a grassroots movement. Especially - in Russia; it is in so called “communal spirit” that foundation of socialism lies. Anybody who was born and lived in socialist country will recall numerous busybodies, from one’s neighbors in communal flat, to passengers on a bus, to teachers in school and day care, to one’s co-workers who were constantly getting in other’s business -a person’s life was surrounded with people practicing collectivism, whose biggest pleasure was to point and “correct” behavior of others that, in their opinion, was insufficiently selfless. Statism is not a directive from above, it is the product of “community organizing”. Miss Harris will make an excellent low-level Soviet bureaucrat, she got the rhetoric and demagoguery perfectly, up to a suggestion for me to leave this country. Actually, I’m right at home here; it’s her who should go live someplace socialistic…mmm…North Korea? I hear they are very big on communal spirit and collective action."

Tatyana at Skripuchaya Besedka


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never thought this bit of venting would interest anybody.

10 January, 2009 10:48  

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