11 January 2009

Link roundup for 11 January 2009

Mendip prophesies the DC traffic Obamapocalypse.

Here's a cool video with evolving machines (found via Sentient Developments).

My city's biggest baby is lively and cute.

Free Us Now blog has a couple of improved versions of that awful Ms Magazine cover.

It's no surprise that these Western-style calendars are catching on in Russia.

Do you smoke? Look at this.

British buses carry the atheist message. They should display this poster too.

Spain, once one of Europe's most fanatically-religious societies, now embraces secularism.

Could it be that only atheists go to Heaven?

Intelligent WSJ commenters blast media bias.

Mark Steyn looks at the newest eruptions of the oldest hatred, from Florida to France. Transterrestrial Musings has more here.

Economic meltdown? Pooh. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard predicts that the United States will re-emerge as the world's undisputed leading nation this year. And 77% of us say that the media are exaggerating the economic crisis.

Michael Yon finds our British allies in Afghanistan to be excellent fighters, but badly served by their government where equipment is concerned. This is consistent with what I've read elsewhere.

Click here to watch a fine video about the prophet Muhammad. And don't forget the greatest and most truth-filled Muhammad cartoon ever.

This is the mentality Israel is fighting.

The British working class feels betrayed. They have a point.

How did prehistoric quarter-ton flying reptiles get off the ground? Not like birds.

Microscopic diamonds reveal a cataclysm 12,900 years ago.

Isaac Newton was the first human to use a parabolic mirror to focus an image, but his invention was anticipated -- by a fish.

Could Neanderthal man rise from the grave of extinction?

Jump the Curve lists ten technological achievements of 2008.

Genetic screening gives a family a cancer-free baby.

Nanotechnology shows promise for repairing the brain.


Blogger vamp said...

After reading the ape/human and neanderthal links, all I can think of is, if it really happened, there'd be a movie called "I was a Teenage Ape Man", or the other one, called "I was a Teenage Neanderthal" or wait, they already did that with Brendan Fraser, didn't they?

11 January, 2009 19:10  
Blogger vamp said...

Have you seen this Life As We Know It Nearly Created in Lab?

11 January, 2009 20:27  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Nice group of link's Mr.Infidel. I was reading that somewheres myself about the micrscopic diamond's and the event's theory of 12,900 years past...the first thing I thought was.."Oh crap...I hope the creationist's dont get wind of this,they will twist it into a story of how the creator got rid of the bad animal's...and replaced former human apes with new ones from it"!
Raising Neanderthal man? This is a hell of a time to want to do that! We have too many as it is in these fundamental terror groups...study them!
Brit's feel betrayed? So should the French,German's, and us as well!
Aetheist's go to heaven? I have alway's said...that if there was a god and heaven...it's those types like aetheist's and even enviromentalist's who would go first class..the so called believer's destroy everything that their creator created...including the joy's of life!
PDX' biggest baby...congrat's!While the PDX ZOO is working fine with elephant's...Dallas' Zoo has been fighting to keep an elephant here that has became sick,old,and mentally challenged from the unsatisfactory enviroment it kept it confined in for year's,instead of letting the poor thing go to a habitat in Tennessee,because of hell raising from Lily Tomlin and other's at City Hall...Dallas will keep the old elephant...and spend $100 million or so for a new habitat,even though it's finally knocking on death's door.
I love to watch the apes at the Zoo because I feel it's the only closest thing I will get to seeing what early human's were like,but at the same time I am kind of opposed to Zoo's,because of animal confinement. I have seen your elephant's at your PDX ZOO...and love your city too!

11 January, 2009 20:42  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Clarification on the Newton/fish item: a reader e-mails that "Actually, in 1668 Newton produced the first successful reflecting telescope, using a two-inch diameter concave spherical mirror, a flat, angled secondary mirror, and a convex eyepiece lens, so he used a spherical lens, not a parabolic one."

13 January, 2009 06:35  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Vamp, thanks for the link. If that isn't "life", it misses, as they say, by the thinnest of technicalities.

13 January, 2009 06:37  

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