28 May 2017

Link round-up for 28 May 2017

A cleaning lady quits with style.

Get fashionable accessories for your summer BBQ.

Hell really exists -- Jesus himself said so!  (The Klingons really exist -- Captain Kirk himself said so!)

Revealed -- Trump's briefing documents.

Have fun on the freeway with missile balloons (found via Bailey's Buddy).

Cosplay is getting startlingly sophisticated.

Behold the master race (found via Yellowdog Granny).

It's a message from God!

Photoshop trolls have been hard at work on that awkward photo of the Pope with the Trump family.  But the original pictures are bad enough. More Trump abroad adventures here.

Some interesting observations about school censorship.

Good riddance all round (found via Mendip).

Here's another great post on "cultural appropriation" -- don't miss the last two comments by Arrenkae.

Oklahoma Republicans are a huge embarrassment (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

This is what we could do with abandoned shopping malls.

Stupid conspiracy theory is stupid.

Don't let the Republicans whitewash their pre-Trump history.

This maniac killed two people just a few miles from where I am (and it could just as easily have been me -- I'm sure I would have spoken out if I'd been in the presence of his initial tirade).

Advertisers are fleeing Hannity.

Here are some experiences of Christian morality.

Wheelchair ramps need smart design.

California's so-called single-payer plan is a trap.

Helen Mirren pwns the Republicans.

Here are some tips on handling a human stampede.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu gives a great speech on Confederate monuments.  A Mississippi Republican has a more Old-South-style view.

Don't blindly accept stereotypes about millennials.

The Alt-Right is having a meltdown over Trump's remarks about Islam.

Google has begun tracking your internet activity more personally (the last paragraph has opt-out instructions).  More here.

Never forget that this happened.

What does Jeff Sessions's war-on-crime rhetoric really mean, and how far can he go?

If you've been exposed to asbestos, these people may be able to help.

Atheism is probably much more common in the US than surveys show.

Texas Republicans are preparing a new war on gays.

A teabagger explains how to talk to teabaggers about clean energy.

We're getting a little better at forecasting earthquakes.

There's a lot less plastic garbage in the oceans than we thought, and the reason may lie in evolution.

We've just received a huge new trove of data about Jupiter.

Heather Hastie looks at gender differences in political and religious views.

Sex education is necessary (don't miss the teen pregnancy map).

Religious people leaving religion far outnumber non-religious people adopting it (this is about the UK, but the same is likely true elsewhere).

The Manchester attack's targeting of a mostly-female crowd may have been intentional.  A Christian activist speaks out about the victims (found via Mendip).  Also, these people exist.

Germany's most respected magazine publishes a sobering editorial about the Trump problem (found via this Progressive Eruptions post).

Why aren't Germans patriotic?

Here's some background on the Macron-Trump handshake.

Germany and Italy are cracking down on anti-vaxxers.

Compare notes left at Yad Vashem by Trump, Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

Paola Paredes is out to expose Ecuador's ghastly gay-conversion "clinics".

Uruguay deserves praise for legalizing recreational marijuana, but actually this sounds a lot less liberal than what we have here in Oregon.

The Saudi regime has learned to manipulate Trump via flattery. Don't forget September 11.  And we need to stop leaving Trump's education to foreign leaders.

South Koreans, especially young people, are turning away from religion.

Taiwan's highest court rules in favor of gay marriage, meaning that country may become the first in Asia to allow it.  Mainland China looks a lot less hospitable (found via Tell Me Why the World Is Weird).

In northern India, a new Dalit ("untouchable") organization fights back against upper-caste thuggery -- and the religio-nationalist ruling party.

Here's some background on this week's Kushner-Russia-back-channel bombshell.  Booman looks at the implications.

Alternet compiles six things Trump doesn't understand about his job (found via Politics Plus).  Will the Trumpanzees ever admit that they were conned?

Republicans react to Gianforte's violence (found via Bjork Report); Tell Me a Story has some colorful observations; the internet reacts with sarcasm.  Another Republican indulges in violent fantasies about journalists.  Gianforte also has ties to pro-Confederate historical revisionists -- and some weird ideas about retirement.

We have plenty of Presidential options for 2020, but the enemy is already tiring of Trump.

Dozens of Congressional Republicans who voted for ACA repeal own stock in affected companies (found via Mendip). The repeal bill has gotten a horrible CBO score, putting pressure on the SenateDon't be fooled by Republican use of the new HHS report.

Hackwhackers has some Trump cartoons.

Democrats wish this issue would go away, but can it?  Don't get overconfident.

Ben Sasse is an unusual Republican, but still a Republican.

Pence will be an awful President, but we still must remove Trump, and without delay -- Democrats will keep up the fight.  However, the 25th Amendment isn't the right way (found via Fair and Unbalanced) to get rid of him.

Jared Kushner has an interesting business background.

Trump's use of language has deteriorated revealingly over the years.

[129 days down, 1,333 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I did hear about the killings on the Tri- Met train in PDX this week, PDX is probably one of the last places that I would expect that, on a public rail on top of it, as far as the white supremacist stuff ... sorry to hear that. Just shows you it can anywhere, and even without guns.

No, I had no idea that California was trying to go with a singe payer health deal ... I do remember something the other day with Pelosi saying America wasnt ready for it, and that it will have to be a state to state trial or similar.

The Crazy Eddie piece with Debbie Dooley was a good read ... because I too believe that trying to talk to some folks that deny man made climate change using the "climate Change" or "Global warming term" will turn them off ... I myself try to focus more of the business positives and future of energy when talking to those skeptical, or in my postings, because the business advantages are ignored too much ... I agree with Debbie on that.

Texas anti- LGBT laws and such (Huffpost) ... it is downright stupid, even this bathroom bill crap is a waste. I was over in east Texas yesterday at a function, barbeque, gun shooting etc ... I was with some folks that are rural types that mostly have a conservative or libertarian lean ... and even them yesterday in a group were bitching about how much time Gov. Abbott wastes on bathroom bill stuff, one guy said, we have too much going on in Texas for them to be wasting so much of our time attacking these transgenders (no, this guy isnt even a liberal) ... many folks started talking about it and they agreed. I mean, lets face it man ... Abbott is a straight up freak ... I dont know what is his trip.

Odd wheel chair ramp ... but no railing or side guides, if a chair lost control, it would be a bumpy as Hell fall down those stairs around it.

What a read! ... microbes that biodegrade plastic ... now that's nature cleaning shit up eh?

Also the read about Rundle's crew in New Scientist was good about better data for earthquake prediction ... what's a trip is looking at how they plan when they build tall buildings in LA and their earthquake simulators the foundations of today, etc

Slumlord Billionaire (Jared Kushner) even without reading that part of his background, just his actions and involvement now, would make me watch this dude like a fox watches a henhouse. He's a hustler okay ... hustlers know even how to take advantage and make big bucks in a downturn or collapse off the misery of small investors ... they're experts at shit like short selling ... and know how to make money off misery (long story though).

Good piece on Juno mission of Jupiter ... I always looked at Jupiter like a damn street cleaner in space anywayz ... taking the trash/ space debris that might come to Earth if Jupiter didnt exist.

Jeff Sessions? ... a f'n sorry excuse to be US AG ... this dude plans to take us back in time (even before I read the piece) ... I been watching his ass too. I mean ... all progress on criminal prison reform and such ... down the drain if he gets his way ... we'll be locking people up in max prison units for a f'n bag of pot ... too long story though ... f**k him too. He ought to be in Texas with Abbott eh? ... they were made for each other, it would be love at first sight.

Dem's slacking off on gun control and gaining more ground in the House by such ... maybe so. That is a difficult subject for me to talk about with fellow progressives ... being I'm a life long 2nd amendment supporter and been around guns my whole life.

Have a good Holiday weekend Infidel ....

28 May, 2017 15:01  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

I only got halfway through so far, so I will have to come back, but I had to mention that those daily briefs from The Onion were frickin' hilarious!!!!

28 May, 2017 17:52  
Blogger Green Eagle said...

"...It should clearly be part of an agenda of conquest. So the way the Israeli state tries to encourage the appropriation of Arab and Palestinian cuisine is part and parcel of its settler colonialism."

A Jew eats hummus- it's a crime against humanity.

There is just no depth of the mental deterioration that is the end product of this kind of anti-Semitism.

28 May, 2017 22:59  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: Unfortunately people like that exist everywhere. The election of Trump just makes them feel more comfortable coming out from under their rocks.

On talking with teabagger types about global warming, I think it might also help to cite the growing frequency of things like hurricanes and tornadoes, especially if they live in affected ares. They must have noticed those things are getting worse.

If you think the anti-gay stuff in Texas is bad, just wait for when Pence becomes President.

I really wish the Democrats would just drop the whole anti-gun thing. It's not like they've had much success in restricting guns anyway, so they're not giving up much anyway. It would probably be easier to pass some reasonable controls if it were clear that large-scale disarming of the public is off the table. And it's a way to make some inroads in the red states without sacrificing core values like abortion or minority rights.

Nonnie: The scary part is, reports of how he gets briefings (short, lots of pictures, more likely to keep reading if his name is mentioned, etc.) make it sound like he really is on that level.

Green: I assume you're referring to this link. Yes, that's insane -- which is why I drew attention to Arrenkae's comments at the end.

29 May, 2017 03:19  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

You know what's weird? ... of course I supported Bernie Sanders before and through the primaries, and was critical of Hillary Clinton, well mostly questioning alot about her, even though I voted for her at the last minute. But now only 5 months into 2017 with this new administration ... I am just now realizing how much I miss President Obama, and how much I wish Hillary Clinton was President ... I also actually miss Rick Perry as governor of Texas with Abbott in here.

29 May, 2017 07:07  

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