21 May 2017

Link round-up for 21 May 2017

It's cats in space!

What if you were watching Sailor Moon, but subtitles from South Park appeared on the screen?

Wow, it's almost as if praying and fasting have no magical power at all (from Shaw Kenawe).

.....from a line of great warriors (found via TYWKIWDBI).

Be careful where you put those stickers.

Will Texas ban wanking?

See photos of a vicious Japanese statue.

What a show-off.

Can we install Disney's Trump in place of the real one?

Well, it's definitely a unique look.

Superheroes are "in" right now, but there's one we could do without.

Trump needs his head examined.

Yeesh, does anyone really not understand this?

They aren't praying for you.

It's just geography (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Have some more fun with dogs. And here's a baby giraffe.

Over the years, humans have imagined God in many different ways.  Here's how he created animals.

The Alien movies are Satanic, apparently.  Here's another wingnut boycott (see last paragraph) which I predict will have no effect.

Repealing the ACA will save money! Here's what Republicans were celebrating (both found via Yellowdog Granny).  Trumpanzees are off in an alternate universe.  But now repeal faces a new obstacle.

This is what Christianity does to families (found via Tell Me Why the World Is Weird). Here's what it does to life.

Satan is my co-pilot.

Bruce Gerencser takes down a Jesus troll.

If you're on Tumblr, here's how to deal with some of the control-freakery.

There's not much sympathy for disappointed Trumpanzees.  Liberal Redneck explains why they remain in denial about the Trump-Russia scandal.

Scott Lively wants to unite Christians, Muslims, and Jews around their common Godhatesfagsian heritage.

Young people are fleeing the Republican party.

10% of all US marriages are now interracial, and the trend is escalating.

Milo Yiannopoulos can no longer claim to be a free-expression advocate (if he ever could).

26% of Americans now accept that the Bible is just a book of fables.

Black activists in New Orleans target the city's racist monuments.  Black Louisiana state legislators walk out on a reactionary bill.  Here's a disturbing report on prison labor in the state.

You are not your religion.

Yes, Chick-Fil-A on campus is a real issue.

Ignorance helps bigots to recruit (found via 無政府進藤主義).

This person exists.  So does this person.

A student reporter in Portland is fired for accurate reporting about religion.

Here are some good resources on Melissa Farley and the "Nordic model" of prostitution law.

Never forget the enemy's racism against Obama (found via Progressive Eruptions).

Go ahead, try to tell me these people aren't neo-Nazis.

Somebody's finally doing something about the Flint water disaster.

Yes, he has the First Amendment right to say this, but he shouldn't be a teacher.

Don't donate to the Salvation Army.

Minnesota is suffering a measles outbreak because some people are stupid.

You can now get roof solar panels that look like regular shingles and last forever.

A 2012 experiment suggests that "ocean fertilization" can help fight global warming (found via this Crazy Eddie post).

A specific form of brain damage correlates with religious fundamentalism (found via Mendip).  I was suspicious of this at first since the article doesn't link to the actual study, but it's real.

It's a near-collision on a colossal scale.

This was Toronto half a century ago (from Ranch Chimp).

Celebrate blasphemy and apostasy.

Once again religio-nutballs are in a snit about a Scandinavian cartoon.

Trump may find himself less than welcome in Israel.  At least he won't defile Masada.

Balloon Juice has a photo report on Donald of Arabia.

The marine ecosystem of Palawan in the Philippines is in danger -- from Nickelodeon.

Here's a busy intersection with no traffic lights (found via TYWKIWDBI) -- the film is speeded up a bit.

It's just another marriage in a religion-based society.

David Frum explains why a special prosecutor isn't the best approach to the Trump scandals.  Here's why Democrats aren't pushing impeachment yet.  But Trump will regret starting a war with the FBI.

Would you want to come work for this guy?

Driftglass assesses Andrew Sullivan's assessment of Joe Lieberman.

Paula Swearengin is launching a progressive primary challenge to Joe Manchin.

This Republican outed an activist to her employer.

Twitter responds to Trump's witch-hunt whine.

Republicans have turned politics into reality TV.  Here's some of what they're facing from constituents (though one Congressman got a much better reception).  If they think they've got problems now, just wait till after Trump is gone.

Trump is torpedoing himself.  NRO thinks he can no longer be coherently defended; RedState thinks he'll quit.  For now, he's energizing the Democrats.

[122 days down, 1,340 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

My favorite -- that white peacock displaying was a beauty, like a little supernova burst. Thanks, as always, Infidel!

22 May, 2017 06:34  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It's a startling display, all right. I bet he doesn't try deploying that tail in a strong wind.

23 May, 2017 06:32  
Anonymous NickM said...

"Satan is my co-pilot".

Oddly enough there was a movie made from a very religious perspective called, "God is my co-pilot". I recall hearing it was shown to the flyers on a US carrier in Vietnam to utter derision. One quipped, "Yeah, so is Christ my Crew Chief?"

23 May, 2017 18:05  
Blogger JACKIESUE said...

Well bless your sweetheart..thanks for giving me credit for memes I stole from websites on facebook..ha..say howdy the next time you stop by..come to West and I'll buy you a skunk egg..ydg.

24 May, 2017 08:44  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nick: Yes, I'm sure they meant "Satan is my co-pilot" to be a play on that.

Jackie: Well, I'm kind of lazy and all this stuff is just things I ran across during casual internetting, not research. Even if I don't know where something originated, I at least know where I found it.

24 May, 2017 10:24  

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