19 May 2017

That isn't the Kremlin, you nitwits

The above Time cover, symbolically depicting the infiltration of Russian influence over the US government via the Trump administration, has been widely reproduced all over the internet -- and more often than not, described as the White House changing into "the Kremlin".  Good grief.  The Russian building shown is St. Basil's Cathedral, the most famous and iconic structure in Russia and thus often used (as Time does here) as a visual symbol of that country.  It doesn't bear even the slightest resemblance to the Kremlin, which is a vast walled compound containing many separate buildings.  This is like some foreign blogger showing a picture of the Statue of Liberty and calling it the Pentagon.  Get it right FFS.  You're just giving the rest of the world yet another chance to laugh at the dumbass Americans knowing nothing about anything outside our own country.


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