14 May 2017

Link round-up for 14 May 2017

The wall is stalled, but Trump inspires another construction project.

Proofreading is important.

It's just two alligators arguing over a pumpkin.

This book exists (found via Mock Paper Scissors).  So does this one.

This guy is damn lucky that that wasn't Rocket.

Dogs are cool. Well, not always.  Don't scare the kitty cat.  And keep this thing away from your critters.

Learn how to write a classics paper.

Stupid measurement system is stupid.

The AV Club apologizes for a false statement about Republicans (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

Queen Elizabeth II is a Satanist lizard and the Clintons are cannibals.

It's Harry Potter with honest titles.

Nixon is vindicated!

What color is it?

Is Satan really such a bad guy?

If you've found something you think will have a dramatic impact on archaeology, read this (found via Mendip).

An amazing new technique enables you to create food instead of buying it.

Windows 8 may be better than we thought.

Here's a snack history of US Presidents.

The mightiest entity in existence needs the help of idiots.

Meet the real whale who inspired Moby Dick.

Comey should have read Lord of the Rings.  An English major "translates" his farewell letter to the FBI.

Some very cool modern sculpture here.  Then there's this.

ZOMG the Muslims are taking over.....or maybe not (found via TYWKIWDBI).

Friends of Boston blogger Donna are visiting Portland, enabling me to play tour guide via her comments thread.

Hysterical Raisins sends Betsy DeVos back to school.

Rest in peace, Pepe, you are blameless.

Brane Space looks at Aristotle and moral absolutism.

Do Republicans even want to live?

Bruce Gerencser reminds me yet again how utterly alien the Evangelical culture is.  Even reading the Bible is really weird.  The obsession with sin is even worse.  And some of them want to rule over all of us (found via Mendip).

US customs officers embrace the dignity of public service.

Could the technology of Ghost in the Shell ever become reality? (link from Marc McKenzie).

In these dark times, statue removal provides some moments to savor.

Community policing works.

Savor the rancid arrogance of this pastor (found via Tell Me Why the World Is Weird). Here's another pointlessly-fouled-up romance.

A fundie tries to explain why wingnuts don't like diversity.

Best post ever on "cultural appropriation".

The NY Times discovers the real free market.

The Family Research Council is just nasty.

Wise words on tradition, from the 14th century.

Meet one of America's most successful prosecutors of terrorists -- Zainab Ahmad.

Orrin Hatch blunders condescendingly on Indian tribal rights and national monuments (found via Mendip).

A columnist schools an infuriated theist.

How common is this kind of insane rubbish?  I honestly don't know.

If a site demands that you disable AdBlock in order to view it, here's what you can do (found via TYWKIWDBI).

Ancient Greek temples were colorful places.

More bullshit about autism and vaccines is debunked.

Women are turning to the IUD as a pre-emptive defense in case Republicans seriously reduce birth-control access.

PZ Myers looks at movie aliens and the realities of evolution.

Crazy Eddie has videos on climate change. The news isn't good.  For denialists, there's a bingo card.

Watch an eagle fly to its handler from atop the world's tallest building -- from the eagle's point of view.

When we are able to reach the stars, how soon should we try?

Silicon-based life is looking more plausible (found via Mary Madigan).

Behold the strange, newly-discovered giant shipworm (found via TYWKIWDBI).

Check out this Toronto architecture -- and teen rebellion, Canadian style.  Also in Canada, come face to face with a family from 4,000 years ago.  Fellow blogger Murr Brewster is up in Canada now.

Irish authorities, apparently realizing they were looking like medieval nitwits, have dropped the blasphemy investigation against Stephen Fry.

Scots make their mark on Twitter.

Finland and Sweden don't share Trump's fussiness about borders.

Marine Le Pen has not purged her inner circle of neo-Nazis as she claims (found via Earth-Bound Misfit).

A Greek Orthodox bishop sends a bizarre warning to Turkey's president Erdoğan (read the comments too, to see the mentality of these people).

The Rainbow Railroad helps gays escape oppressive societies (note: I haven't investigated this group myself).

Hindu nationalists in India want to use ancient mumbo-jumbo to breed superior babies.

Brane Space sees Comeygate as a Constitutional crisis.  Green Eagle sees it as confirmation of treason.  Jack Cluth invokes Nixon.  Booman thinks it will cripple the Republican agenda.  PM Carpenter believes the US has hit bottom and will come through this OK.  FBI agents offer Comey an unusual tribute (found via Mock Paper Scissors). McCain finds a positive way to protest the firing.

Hillary came incredibly close.  I don't endorse everything this person says, but it's well worth reading.

Fox News makes an interesting slip.

Booman looks at Republicans' prospects in 2018. Here's what they're getting from constituents.

Remember, with these monsters in power, ACH repeal is still a real threat with potential serious consequences.  Show some appreciation for our Democrats fighting back.  But repeal is proving so unpopular that Republicans can't decide how to lie about it.

What if Obama had done all this stuff?

An FBI raid in Annapolis last week may have implications for Trump's future.  The Trump-Russia investigation is proceeding, under threat (found via Mendip).

[115 days down, 1,347 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Been cruisin through some of your links here ... good selections

The Jefferson Davis statue news down in the Crescent City was big news, and alot of happy folks ... I dont know what it is like being oppressed or black or whatever, so difficult for me to grasp, just like confederate flags and stuff never bothered me, but I guess if I was black it would, I dont know. I just dont have much issue with sculptures, books, art or whatever.

Dogs are cool ... yeah, I like em I guess ... all the muts in the neighbourhood seem to be friendly with me, they like know my voice and smell, so even if they're locked in out of site, when they bark, I communicate with them or just greeting them on the street. Was with a buddy over in far east Dallas and seen some wild coyotes recently.

Repugs sentencing poor to die, drinking Bud Light ... I dont think some people get it or something ... as far as cutting safety nets or whatever for folks less fortunate, that's what they do ... you're dealing with multi millionaires and billionaires who are basically scammers, why would they possible want to take care of the poor, the sick, the elderly?, when all those billions of dollars could go to them ... and we under them, why would we even be stupid enough to support them? our social safety nets are OURS, OUR MONEY, they frankly shouldnt have a damn thing to say about them ... it's just that they want our taxes going to them instead of us using them for our needs ... I mean, when they die, I rejoice, even when they get killed by terrorists ... they would do the same for me when folks like me die. No, I dont drink shit like Bud Light when I do drink beer, and I'm poor by their standards, and I dont think they do either either, I mean, they're wealthy ... they dont drink shit like Bud Light ... that is just some marketing crap for the camera.

Diseases caused by masturbation and animals farting? ... unique books I reckon, but I wont be buying them.

Nixon "I'm not a crook by todayz standards" ... good one {:-)

Mocha Dick ... cool read .. now that's what I call a "big dark dick"! {:-)

Satan evil? ... I reckon so, if you think questioning the establishment/ authoritarian rule is evil ... not evil to me.

14 May, 2017 14:55  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Nice sculpture work with the horses and folks, pretty cool

So was the ancient Greek temples ... the detail of the old is awesome ... I dreamed about the colourful ancient Aztec cities for instance ... it was beautiful, the colour, lighting by flames all over town, festivities etc (yes, dreams that were with colour, even though some say they dont exist). What I meant about dreaming it, after extensive reading and such ... it just came up in dreams, but they were awesome dreams, just like being there. I actually have alot of cool dreams, and love them!

Newark Airport hazing officers? ... I dont know, I have to look further into that.

Richmond PD Chief Chris Magnus ... most cops dont want to kill anywayz. I also think legislators can do much more to stop the brutality, so I blame much on politicians ... but that's just me.

Dubai eagle flight was really kick ass {:-)

Possibility of silicon based life ... cool read ... you know, that exactly what I believe or think ... yep, I actually believe that life out there in the universe comes in forms that we never thought ... but that's just me, I actually believe it's out there too ... you know, kind of like folks believe in ghosts or whatever, I believe in that instead. Do I believe we can do things like that on Earth? ... absolutely, if we dont, nature can ... in time.

Centauri Dreams "incentive trap" ... good read, that website has some really cool stuff too. But yes, I actually believe that travel in the future will be like nothing we even think, and we will be transported to all kinds of places (in some form) ... that's just my view though, some say the usual "it cant be done" ... those who vision shit cant be done, are usually those who dont get much done.

Crazy Eddie's YouTube thing ... me personally, the reason I write so much about global warming, is because in my mind, I think it is much worse than most think, at least for the current species (including us) ... of course I feel nature/ life will adapt to it and evolve, but it's pretty harsh what I feel it will become as far as that "change". Yep, I think that humans simply accelerated the natural slow warming after the end of the last ice age by a hundred fold ... meaning the sudden change is from our actions, and nature will correct that in time, with or without us.

#ft shipworm was cool.

Architecture in Toronto ... awesome stuff ... actually Toronto is a really nice town, but the size of Chicago, but really laid back and just overall a fun town, I really like it.

I'm outta here guy .... Thanx for the reads and stuff

14 May, 2017 15:25  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Here man ... wanted to send you some old school Toronto photos below


but why I was telling you this, speaking of Toronto ... I recommend it for a visit if you just want a little vacation time and a really nice town ... you got places there like PDX has as far as arts and stuff ... but I also recommend summer, spring or fall, because the winter is harsh, it's right next to Buffalo, but north a tad, so it gets pretty cold too. It's like all town after town between Buffalo and there, with Niagara Falls, Hamilton, Mississauga.

14 May, 2017 15:46  
Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

Thanks, Ranch Chimp, for reading the material our host linked to and commenting on it and thanks to our host for linking to it, as well. As for "humans simply accelerat[ing] the natural slow warming after the end of the last ice age by a hundred fold," in some ways, what we did was worse. Without human intervention, the planet should be cooling right now, albeit very slowly. We didn't make the slow warming faster; we reversed the cooling trend. While a slow reversal would be a good thing, the rapid warming won't. You're right that nature will correct it, but that will take a millennium to happen.

15 May, 2017 07:19  
Anonymous Blurber said...

Where was the article on how to write a classics paper when I was at school?

15 May, 2017 09:53  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

I started going through your links last night, Infidel, and fell asleep. When I woke up today, I fired up the computer, and dove right back in again. It's almost 4:00, and I'm still not done. I might have to start charging you for my time.

15 May, 2017 12:59  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: Maybe we can't expect Republican politicians to do anything other than loot the state for the benefit of the already-wealthy, but there's no reason anyone else should vote them into power to do it. They've just got a lot of people bamboozled.

Greek cities in Classical times must have been beautiful. Notice how many public buildings to this day have the classic Greek-style façade. In 2,500 years it's never been equaled.

Thanks for the photo link -- I'll be using that next Sunday.

Pinku: Even if the warming trend were natural, considering its eventual destructive effects, we would still need to try to stop it. At this point a "natural correction" would probably involve most of the human race dying off so the greenhouse-gas generating activity would stop -- so we have to do something ourselves before it reaches that point.

Blurber: I'm not sure it would have helped much.

Nonnie: Sorry, it's like a drug.....you're addicted now.....welcome home to the series of tubes.....

15 May, 2017 14:40  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Crazy Eddie, Thank You for your insight and feedback on my comment, frankly I dont know much about this stuff, still trying to figure it out, I just think of what can happen in simple terms, such as I know I dont want water in my gas or anything that will screw with my engine. But yeah ... I dont see how anyone can think, even without no scientific background, that throwing tons of waste in the air, waters, and grounds can not have a negative affect on the environment ... it's just crazy thinking by anyones standards ... I mean, by that thinking, I may as well dump my damn old/ used motor oil down my kitchen sink and think it wont affect nothing, eh?

16 May, 2017 10:54  

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