05 September 2012

Video of the week -- what we're fighting for

What has already been accomplished, and why it mustn't be reversed.


Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

THESE are PRECISELY the types of advertisements that need to air again and again again... showing how these policies effect REAL PEOPLE.

... that and ads that say: "It's X days until the election and Mr. Businessman Romney still has not revealed his tax returns. Ask yourself, what is he hiding?"

05 September, 2012 17:08  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Yeah. I got a lump in my throat listening to that.

Is there anything more frightening and more heart breaking than not knowing if you can give your sick child the best care she deserves?

How can we call ourselves the best country in the world when, before Mr. Obama passed the ACA, parents lived in fear of that very thought.

Romney said the first thing he would do if he wins the presidency is overturn the ACA.

What a detestable thing to say. Only a rich, unfeeling partisan would do such a horrible thing to America's families.

05 September, 2012 17:31  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RtS: Exactly. The statistics on mortality and life expectancy in the US compared with other advanced countries are a disgrace, but to a lot of people, they're just numbers. This is the reality behind them.

SK: Romney has always seemed weirdly devoid of normal human feelings. What kind of person treats the family dog the way he did? I think a lot of the super-wealthy are dead to feeling toward the "lower" 99%. We're less than human to them.

05 September, 2012 18:22  
Blogger S.W. Anderson said...

I expect in Romney's concept of the way things should be, that little girl and family's dilemma was unfortunate but not something government should be involved in. Instead, the family should've gotten help from private charity.

As a businessman, Romney hasn't had to bother about soap-opera situations like that. He's all about the numbers, the bottom line. Government is supposed to about service, including saving children's lives when the parents can't afford to and when charity doesn't have the resources to meet the need.

Besides, by letting government step in and help see to it this child goes on living, the family has now become hopelessly dependent on government handouts. I'm sure the father has quit his job, maybe the mother too, and they're just waiting for their next welfare check and food stamps to arrive so they can live large off the hard-working taxpayers' money.


06 September, 2012 01:05  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Of course, back before government started helping in situations like this, private charity didn't pick up most of the slack. It wouldn't surprise me if some person or group offers money to Lihn now that her case has received publicity, but that's no solution for the broader number of cases of which she's an example.

As for business, there's no reason why business should help people who need help -- that's not its job. But it is government's job, which is why I'm generally suspicious of the whole idea of CEOs as political leaders -- the jobs really are completely different.

06 September, 2012 04:55  
Blogger Philo Vaihinger said...

Romney stands for the Party of Death.

The party whose health care policy is just this: Let them die.

We absolutely need to hang that on them.

They can bleat all they want that it's unfair and negative and un-American.

To hell with them.

08 September, 2012 07:48  
Blogger Philo Vaihinger said...

Tucker Carlson, confronted with such a case, infamously demanded on national TV, "Why is that my problem? Why is it my responsibility?"

It isn't, and we don't think it is or ought to be.

It's society's problem.

It's the American people's problem.

If you like, it's the government's problem.

Society, the American people as a whole, and government all have not only powers but responsibilities individuals don't and can't have.

Carlson the over-paid frat-boy libertarian has no duty to pass on a new Ferrari in order to pay for life-saving surgery for some stranger's kid.

But the American people can and should prioritize that surgery over his Ferrari and collect money from him in taxes in order to spend it on that surgery.

Too bad about the Ferrari.

Rich brat libertarians like him insist society and government have neither duties nor rights individuals or private groups don't or can't have.

But we are free to reject so transparently selfish, cruel, and heartless a notion.

And we do.

08 September, 2012 08:00  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

PV: Exactly right. And I guarantee that at least one or two clueless Randroids will read your comments and think to themselves "Well it's not my problem, why should my taxes pay for blah blah blah," as if every man were indeed an island and as if Carlson would have the same lifestyle, complete with Ferrari, if he had lived his life alone on the Moon with no help or benefit from the society millions of other people helped create.

08 September, 2012 10:17  

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