31 August 2012

Convention schmonvention (2)

Well, thank goodness that's over.  Actually, maybe I should have tuned in after all.  Where else could you watch a man debate an empty chair -- and lose?  I would vote for that chair over Romney.  If only Gingrich had come out babbling about making the Moon a state again, it might almost have been decent entertainment.

What everyone seems to be picking up on is the incredible prevalence of lies at the convention.  There was, in fact, one touch of visual honesty (pic above, found via Immoral Minority), but that was obviously an accident.  Ryan was so bad that even Fox News noticed.  See further commentary at Salon, Liberal Values, The Reaction, Squatlo, PM Carpenter, and Jack Jodell.  Andrew Sullivan was live-blogging.

Will this fib-fest help the Republicans?  Rasmussen shows a three-point drop for Obama over the last couple of days, and this morning's RCP average shows his lead down to 0.6%, the lowest since May, but these changes basically look like the kind of normal fluctuations that have been going on for months (and read this).  Time will tell.  Don't forget that they do have a plan (found via Politics Plus):

Update:  Immoral Minority now reports that the picture above was photoshopped; the sign and the debt clock were both on display at the convention but not in that juxtaposition.

So the one honest thing about the convention is fake.


Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

Watching the Republican strategy video reminded me of how similar the plot is to the 1964 film, "Seven Days In May", about a coup d'etat to overthrow the US Government. The villains in Seven Days is the military, but today it is the Tea Party influenced "American Taliban", formerly known as the Republican Party.

Karl Rove, Grover Norquist and company sought to establish the Bush administration as the foundation for PERMANENT Republican control of our government. Only Bush's ineptness caused that strategy to fumble. But you can rest assured that, if the Republicans retake our government, they will NOT allow that mistake to happen again and they WILL be the permanent presence forever hence in this country.

31 August, 2012 10:30  
Anonymous Ahab said...

I listened to a few of the speeches, but Romney's speech last night left me feeling uneasy. First, his comments suggested that he doesn't take climate change seriously. Second, no matter how much he emoted, his eyes always looked so ... empty.

31 August, 2012 10:55  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RtS: Well, if the country's future depends on Republican ineptness, I'm inclined to be optimistic -- there's plenty of it in evidence.

Ahab: Unfortunately the Republican party makes it pretty much mandatory that leaders deny the reality of anthropogenic global warming. I think many of them know better -- very likely Romney himself does -- but they don't dare say so.

31 August, 2012 11:24  
Blogger ReasonBeing said...

I watched a good deal of the convention. I was really struck by the amount of dishonesty. I expected partisanship and rhetoric, but not outright lies delivered with such vitriol. I found it really depressing.

I also agree with Ahab, Romney is jut a robot saying what he is being told to say, and looks uncomfortable at times doing so.

31 August, 2012 14:45  

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