30 August 2012

Convention schmonvention

I don't watch TV, and frankly my time is too valuable to waste hours of it on the Tampa fib-fest, but there's been some worthwhile coverage on the net which can be read in a fraction of the time.

TPM has the biggest myths from the convention and from Ryan's speech.  Gin and Tacos has been unimpressed.  For rank-and-file Republican reactions, see threads here and here (notice how much they complain about the audience seeming bored).  On the lighter side, Progressive Eruptions has the convention schedule and Parsley's Pics has Romney's biography.

Liberal Values has a post for each day:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  He makes a couple of key observations:

The Republicans now claim that social issues are a distraction. They are not a distraction – they are fundamental issues of individual liberty.

Ryan also spoke of freedom, but it is the conservative version of freedom which has nothing to do with the actual freedoms this nation was founded upon. Ryan supports the freedom of religious fanatics to impose their views upon others. Ryan supports the freedom of the ultra-wealthy to plunder the wealth of the nation and destroy the middle class.

This point can't be emphasized enough.  The Republicans advocate using the force of law to micro-manage individual reproductive and sexual behavior, and to impose the taboos of a particular religion on everyone.  This is totalitarianism, and the Republicans are now a totalitarian party.

Their laissez-faire economic stance boils down to de-legitimizing government intervention in the economy and asserting that whatever ends up happening in the absence of such intervention is inherently the right outcome.  This is no different than condemning medical intervention in the course of disease as unnatural and declaring medieval levels of disease and death to be the right outcome simply because they are what happens in the absence of conscious interference.

Finally, a reminder of what we're fighting for, not just against (found via Smartypants):


Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

Even if I had a TV connection, I still couldn't watch the RNC. As you point out, there's plenty around on the Net to pick and choose from. Even then it's hard to stomach the "fib-fest." Thanks for the link.

30 August, 2012 13:36  
Blogger ReasonBeing said...

My wife and I watched Ryan's speech in horror. The number of lies and misrepresentations in his speech were unbelievable.

I agree with the quote in your post about Ryan confusing the liberty and freedom that our country was founded on with his own warped version of what that is.

I have never been much of a partisan, but honestly feel that today's GOP is a very real threat to the future of our country. Their views on social issues are not distractions, but are downright dangerous. Perhaps that is why they don't want to spend much time talking about them. (Look at Todd Akin's comment---that is mainstream GOP---and they really don't want to talk publicly about that stuff).

30 August, 2012 14:36  
Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

We don't watch much TV but "basic" cable comes with our internet service. I don't sit and watch the nightly news but the TV is usually on around dinner time... and what I do notice sickenes me.

The Mainstream Media (affectionately termed the "Liberal" Media by the Murdoch empire) almost looks like a political ad for Romney/Ryan. Diane Sawyer was embarrassing gushing over Mr. and Mrs. Romney to the point of being nauseating. Romney's name, face, messages are constantly being pushed and promoted in what one would assume is within supposedly impartial news coverage.

Yes people (like us) tend to seek other news sources, however, I would guess that in doing so, we likely gravitate toward sources which support our already held opinions. Conversely most of America sees the news that the MSM pushes out to them. The harsh reality is the constant mantra to country's moron minions WILL have an effect. My unemployed Republican nephew, my Republican friend with no medical coverage and all my wife's Mormon relatives will be voting for Romney even though Republican policies are wholly in conflict against their own self-interest.

I heard a recent Harvard Poly-Sci professor Samuel Popkin explained that in most elections, people judge the incumbent on his deeds versus the challenger on his character. The people who have approved of Romney's character are not going to be swayed by facts even if you were to hit them in the face with them.

30 August, 2012 14:50  
Blogger Grundy said...

This post title is right in my wheelhouse.

30 August, 2012 17:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

LP: I was sorely tempted to switch the blog to an all-puppy format for the week.

RB: I have a feeling that Romney will match him lie for lie, if not better.

The Republicans' constant bleating about "liberty" while pushing their totalitarian ambitions is beyond Orwellian.

RtS: Well, we'll see. I still believe Obama will win, even if it's by a narrow margin. I'm more worried about Congress.

On media bias, there are factors pushing in both directions. The majority of individual journalists are liberals. However, the big networks and other MSM communication channels are owned by giant corporate conglomerates which are part of the whole Wall Street / oil company / Koch / et cetera Cthulhoid abomination.

Grundy: I couldn't help thinking of you while I was typing it.

30 August, 2012 18:13  
Blogger Jack Jodell said...

Thank you for providing all those great links, infidel753. Yje truth shall prove far stronger than all the money the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, and Sheldon Adelson will waste on this election!

31 August, 2012 06:39  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

JJ: It'll certainly be the epic battle of money against truth!

31 August, 2012 08:37  

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