16 September 2012

Link round-up for 16 September 2012

Just what are they teaching at this school?

Here's a simple guideline for how to pick up chicks.

Vote Republican!

Jon McNaughton has a new stupid painting.

An imprisoned son still manages to help his dad with the gardening.

Sorry, wrong navy.

Here's your medical bill.

Yikes, it's another new wave of atheism!

Our friends don't forget.

Romney hasn't changed.

The Atheist Camel has a few choice words for the Islamotards, Romney, NASA, and Pat Robertson.

Yes, we're better off than we were four years ago, although this guy isn't.  Then there's this.

How disgraceful -- a US President apologizing to Muslims

Romney's pesky Ron Paul problem won't go away.

Different wrapping, same evil present.

Booman Tribune dissects Santorum's "smart people" comment.

Adam Streeter looks back on a Mormon boyhood.

Trying to defend his embassy-attack blunder, Romney sinks into incoherence.  Joan Walsh thinks it was a fatal error.

Brianne Bilyeu describes encounters as a clinic escort (I've done that).

Here's a round-up of Romney gaffes.

The scum who hounded Jen McCreight out of the blogosphere are now harassing her father.

The teabaggers have declared war on women and are doomed to lose.

Wells Fargo has foreclosed on the Tjosaas family's house twice even though it doesn't even have a mortgage.

Jennifer Granholm tells it like it is.

The great 1980 Reagan comeback which Romney hopes to emulate -- never happened.

I can't say enough good things about Rosa Rubicondior.  A recent trip to Crete inspired two must-read posts, one on opulence in the face of poverty, the other on the nature of universal truth.

Electoral history since 1988 shows how the Republican party has declined, but unfortunately it's not going away. Be optimistic but not complacent.

A judge strikes down Scott Walker's union-busting law.

Winning women the vote was a brutal struggle.

Gin and Tacos looks at Republican diversity.

Companies with women on their boards do better -- much better.

The Republican base still has some issues with Romney.

An ugly racist display is found at a Kaiser hospital in California.

D'Souza's "2016 Obama" film is just another example of Republican lies and distortions.

Two more right-wing lies: that Obama disarmed the Marines at the Cairo embassy and that he skips intelligence briefings.

A Romney win would hurt our standing in Europe (found via Booman Tribune); we might need to revive this website from 2004 (found via Smartypants).  He's already hurting our interests.

Muslim thugs in Britain block a TV documentary on Islamic history by Tom Holland (I recently read his book In the Shadow of the Sword, and so should you), but the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain is pushing back.

40,000 people rally in Moscow against Putin.

An alleged plan for a massive Israeli attack on Iran has emerged, but is it real or propaganda?

Across the Islamotardosphere, inbred knuckle-dragging fanatics attack embassies, some of them not even American.

Obama talks tough, Egypt gets the message.

Attacks on US embassies have a history.

Some of the terrorists involved in the Benghazi attack were non-Libyan

Jihadists seek to hijack the Syrian rebellion.

A limestone trackway in Germany records a death 150 million years ago.

The accelerating loss of Arctic sea ice affects weather in heavily-populated areas.


Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

Thanks, as always. I can only imagine the work that goes into this week after week. Know that it's appreciated, even if I don't always comment.

17 September, 2012 09:11  
Anonymous Blurber said...

The one about pubic education made me feel very crotch-ety.

17 September, 2012 15:29  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

I think I'm stealing the "Vote Republican" poster. That wraps up in an ugly red bow what Romney's candidacy is all about.

17 September, 2012 18:21  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

LP: Thanks!

Blurber: The saving grace of incompetent writing is the entertainment it provides.

SK: It's pretty much their whole case -- and of course we all know who's been obstructing him from fixing that disaster.

18 September, 2012 04:33  

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