11 September 2012

Eleven years later

It took some time.....but we got you.....

Rot in nonexistence.  We live on.


Blogger Flying Junior said...

Hey Infidel753,

Of some interest, I visited London on the anniversary of the attacks. The television commentary was very sympathetic and intelligent. At 8:46 a.m. EDT, September 11, 2002, there was a moment of silence. It was 1:46 p.m. GMT. Every taxi, bus, lorrie and walker held absolute silence. We were at St Martin's in the Field. I was coarse enough to whisper. We ended up eating at the Khyber Pass the evening of September 11. No idea of the significance of that simple fact. Simply found it in a visitor guide. We were the only people there. The owner treated us like royalty.

Less than one year later, August of 2003, my wife and I checked into the Hotel Pennsylvania. Thrilled to be there, but apprehensive about visiting Ground Zero, we took a walk on Seventh Avenue. Everyone was so full of love for each and every person present on that sunny afternoon. We found two very handsome policemen who were only to happy to have their pictures taken with my wife, a NJ native.

My impressions of the morning itself are private.

11 September, 2012 20:37  
Blogger S.W. Anderson said...

There is a price to be paid for coming here to kill Americans. I wonder if bin Laden gave even one moments thought in a decade to the number of his fellow Muslims he got killed for no gain because of his mad desire to kill Americans.

11 September, 2012 21:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

FJ: That's good to hear. It's certainly very different from what some Americans in London had to deal with on the day of the attack itself.

SWA: I have a feeling he looked upon them as disposable pawns to be sacrificed for a higher purpose -- but I guess we'll never know.

12 September, 2012 06:31  

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