09 September 2012

Link round-up for 9 September 2012

Have you suffered any of these management fads?

Here's Bill Clinton's speech summed up in one cartoon.

What a total wanker.

Hmm, this magazine cover looks familiar.

You can now put your animals online.

Medicare?  What Medicare?  (found via Squatlo Rant).

There's one difference between Akin and Ryan (found via Politics Plus).

Let's honor an explorer who wasn't a mass murderer.

Michelle Obama's DNC speech alone has gotten more online views than all the Republican convention speeches combined (found via Progressive Eruptions).  It's even getting attention in China.

Jim Wright looks at the year 1912.  Do we want to go back?

Republicans enlist the military in the war on women.

Best comment ever on anti-abortion nuts.

Akin still has some support.

Cardinal Dolan wasn't such a good fit for the DNC.

What does it mean to be anti-woman?

Republican Senate candidate Nick Berg once supported a law that would have sentenced women who get abortions to life in prison.

The United States was not founded on religion.

Data suggest that the conventions changed the race in Obama's favor.

Here's how to tell if your religious freedom is in danger (found via Lady Atheist).

Poll results for Romney's convention speech were startlingly bad.

What is God like?  Pretty much like his creators.

Booman Tribune has an observation about Obama's likely margin of victory.

The Republican platform has a plank on the Marianas Islands.

The world's richest woman doesn't like the minimum wage.

Nils Pickert gives his son moral support, gets bashed by troglodytes.

Ex-Muslim Imran Firasat in Spain is pushing back against Muslim threats targeting him.

Bulgaria decides not to adopt the failing euro currency -- and US companies are preparing for Greece to abandon it.

South Korean scientists push back against Christian creationists' efforts to distort science education.

The Iranian theocracy says homosexuality is part of a Jewish plot for world domination.

For women, the results of the Egyptian revolution haven't been all good.

Here's a handy map to keep track of Syria's religious factions.

Rimsha Masih is out on bail.

A judge in India tells a domestic-violence victim to "adjust" instead of seeking a divorce.  Sign a petition to remove the judge here.

Science's understanding of brain waves is approaching the ability to read minds.

Eliminating one enzyme could be the key to fighting Alzheimer's.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

All of it good stuff. The cartoons are hilariously on target.

The Alzheimer link very interesting, since I'm dealing with a loved one with this heartbreaking disease.

09 September, 2012 11:47  
Blogger Kay Dennison said...

Awesome links!!!! I was especially interested in the links on religious freedom and Alzheimer's.


10 September, 2012 09:00  
Anonymous Blurber said...

"Eliminating one enzyme could be the key to fighting Alzheimer's."

I knew this but I had forgotten about it.

10 September, 2012 11:18  

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