11 March 2012

Link round-up for 11 March 2012

Monopoly reflects a past era.

Negged by a PUA? Neg back!

Here's Romney summed up in one T-shirt.

Look at this left-wing pinko socialist.

Books and TV work differently.

The universe doesn't care.

Another world? No, England.

The Paultards have ruined some good words. But Limbaugh is giving us some words back.

Check out Audri Clemmons's monster trap (found via Mendip).

Sleestak has husband-hunting tips from the good old days.

It takes a humor site to tell the truth -- nobody succeeded all on his own.

If only these cops had been there for Seamus.

Anne Frank finally made it to Heaven.

Our financial parasite class doesn't even have this kind of style.

Romney is not the capitalist his father was.

Jamie Dimon thinks journalists are over-paid -- he should talk.

Dumbass newspaper editors refuse to run Doonesbury's attack on Texas's new anti-abortion law, thus guaranteeing it broader publicity (but kudos to the Dallas Morning News for running the strips).

Don't forget all the positive things that are happening.

They are out there, and they're coming for your children.

If older Americans ever actually understand the Republicans' plans for Social Security, they're toast.

Kirk Cameron has a very nasty friend.

Where are the real welfare bums?

Behold the arrogance and entitlement mentality of the financial parasite class. These are the people the Republicans insist we can't raise taxes on.

Moderate Republican Lisa Murkowski is alarmed at her party's contraception craziness. Our side should exploit this to the hilt (found via Republic of Gilead).

Limbaugh's choice of words wasn't the issue -- the substance was. Don't be misled by false equivalences with men like Bill Maher -- the left holds its spokesmen to a higher standard. Now the disgust with Limbaugh is affecting other right-wing shit-spewers too.

I don't know enough about Breitbart to write an obituary, but Plutocrap fills the gap.

Romney is not just broadly unpopular, he's losing a key Republican-leaning demographic.

In Ireland, atheists win a victory against religious lies.

Strauss-Kahn beat the rap, but people aren't forgetting.

The Sabatina James case illustrates the conflict between traditional culture and modernity.

Greece's plight shows the effects of the kind of policies Republicans support.

There was one thing that Himmler refused to tolerate.

Europe's last dictator is a nasty character.

Russia's election was marked by blatant fraud, and Moscow is seething. So what comes next?

Libya's new government will go after the religious bigots who desecrated non-Muslim graves from the World War II period. In Afghanistan, things look worse.

China is clearly slowing down. How much of a threat is it?

China and India have a long way to go to catch up with the Anglosphere.

Christianity foments witch-hunting, even today.

Ice coverage on the Great Lakes has declined massively over the last 40 years.

Sex workers need legal rights, not hysteria.

Creativity is stimulated by breaking established patterns -- which is why the right kind of immigration can help.


Anonymous Shaw Kenawe said...

As usual, a delightful mix of current events. I linked to one of your links in my latest post.

Thanks again for providing me so much info!

11 March, 2012 17:42  

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