02 March 2012

Quote for the day -- a voice of earnest scolding

"Sandstorum had entered the presidential race hoping to improve his time slot with Fox. He had in mind scolding much of the country for bad behavior, endearing himself to that sliver of society that is strongly attracted to the scolding of miscreants, and, to his surprise, attracted several milllion similarly inclined scolds. Scolding, in America, can earn you voter support, not just Freddie Mac contracts. Several Republican groups, abandoned by Sarah Palin, were roaming the countryside of America, their votes with them. These disembodied spirits were looking for a voice, a voice of earnest moral superiority. A high-pitched, whiney voice. A voice of earnest scolding. They possessed first one, and then another, and then another of the candidates. Each non-Romney seemed plausibly not Mitt for office. Like swine herds cast out, they pitched violently forward, ever forward, till there was no one left but Brick Sandstorum. Here they would make their stand. Here they would lite, not to be cast out again."

Race42012 commenter "Watchinitall". I'd attribute much of the appeal of today's Republican party as a whole to the same mentality.


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I'd like to add to this fine post with this link.

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