26 February 2012

Link round-up for 26 February 2012

Santorum's run generates interesting headlines.

We know better now.

Here's the present US social order in one cartoon.

The Palin-for-President movement is small, dedicated, and hilarious.

Vote for Santorum if you want this.

Here are some more animals that are too big.

Look who doesn't want to go to Heaven.

Murr Brewster looks at Romney.

Satan is a looming presence on the right these days.

Bill Maher offers a big donation and some words of warning.

Here's a new project to combat anti-atheist bigotry.

Stupid regulations by ignorant politicians are about to drive a major industry out of Los Angeles.

For Republicans, lying about Obama is the new normal. Oh, and Santorum also lies about World War II -- and about the Netherlands.

Fundamentalism's hostility to modernity is linked to its anti- democratic mind-set.

Rick Perry hasn't finished being an embarrassment to Texas.

Republican dogma makes it impossible for them to deal honestly with the problem of inequality.

Tennessee school authorities' attempt to censor a student backfires.

Santorum has his reasons for attacking higher education -- not surprising for a guy who sees Satan at work everywhere.

If you don't vote, you don't matter.

Michigan Democrats plot revenge for Limbaugh's 2008 "Operation Chaos".

Here's why we need federal gay marriage.

There are huge differences between the parties.

Why try de-regulation again when we already know it leads to disaster?

Republicans' decades-long descent into paranoia culminates in mutual destruction (link from Shaw Kenawe).

Mormon defilement of the dead extends to Anne Frank.

Wisconsin's voter-ID law excludes many legitimate voters from the primary, including a military veteran.

Arch-bigot Bryan Fischer joins in the attack on Jessica Ahlquist.

Tennessee teabaggers demand a shocking revision of history.

Long-term, US unions need to fight for workplace democracy. More immediately, they're engaged in fighting to save what we have.

Virginia Republicans are retreating from their disgusting forced- ultrasound law, but it's done lasting damage to Governor McDonnell.

David Frum looks at yet another example of right-wing fake news.

Apparently violence is OK in Pennsylvania if it's committed by a religious fanatic.

There's more to Foster Friess than aspirin.

British Christians have reason to oppose the Conservative attack on secularism (found via Republic of Gilead).

If you're super-wealthy, Britain has an unbeatable tax break for you.

Ireland is much more secular and liberal than we think.

European (and US Republican) austerity policies mean pain without gain.

EU bureaucrats impose austerity even though they themselves know it won't work.

The coming conservative defeat in France will show other Europeans that austerity can be beaten back.

Strauss-Kahn is in trouble again -- has this guy ever been photo- graphed together with Gingrich?

Traditional values and beliefs are alive and well in Nepal.

Chinese workers suffer conditions that people in developed countries would never tolerate.

There used to be many species of humans, so why are we the only one left today?

Working from home is good for your heart.

Take a look at the universe.

A film is being made about one of our era's great fighters for truth (found via The Immoral Minority).

The galaxy may be swarming with nomad planets un-moored from stars.

Creationists notwithstanding, we've observed several examples of new species evolving (found via Lady Atheist).

Big money is waging an all-out war against science in the US.

If governments keep trying to pull crap like SOPA, the technology exists to create a new internet completely bypassing the restrictions.


Blogger Ahab said...

Good links as always, Infidel. Of course, the image of that Giant Asian Wasp among the large animal pictures will haunt my nightmares.

26 February, 2012 04:24  
Blogger Nance said...

I had a blast with the top third of the list. Our Murr is a jewel, ain't she? And the giant animals; did you just throw them in there because they fit the freak show so well? The giant praying mantis is certainly apt; the females devour their mates during copulation.

I'm reading Game Change, at last, and it assures me that we see only the tip of the filthy iceberg that is Campaign 2012.

26 February, 2012 06:09  
Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

Great links but I couldn't even look at those pics of the large animals. Ewwwww - makes my skin crawl.

Tennessee is trying very hard to outshine Mississippi and Virginia and they are about to succeed apparently.

26 February, 2012 07:00  
Blogger mendip said...

Great links, as always - thanks! The final one, about a bypass of the Internet, is fascinating! If the technology for it does/can exist, I see a revolutionary potential in it - one of those situations where no one can really predict all of the ramifications. Neat!

26 February, 2012 09:03  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: Nasty-looking bunch, aren't they?

Nance: The way I order things in the link round-ups is: light / funny / less-serious links first; more-serious political / religious links second (American, then foreign); technology / science links at the end. In this case, even a lot of the funny ones were political.

Murr is a terrific satirist; she doesn't usually write about politics, but I guess the Republicans are providing irresitible material these days.

The giant praying mantis is certainly apt; the females devour their mates during copulation.

And not in the fun way. With Republicans it's the other way round -- any female who copulates with, or in the vicinity of, a Republican these days is likely to feel under attack by a creepy monster.

LP: Well, that Virginia forced-ultrasound law was pretty extreme in the outrage department. Other states will have to work extra hard to out-shine (out-darken?) it.

26 February, 2012 09:09  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nance: PS -- there's a Game Change movie coming out that looks good -- but I guess it's only on TV, not in theaters.

Mendip: The creaky old dinosaurs of politics have yet to fully grasp how far technology has out-run their ability to control it.

26 February, 2012 09:32  
Blogger Murr Brewster said...

Thanks again, and you're right--I try not to write about politics most of the time, but, well, holy crap. These guys are getting harder and harder to make fun of all the time. They're doing it to themselves. Which sounds like something Santorum wouldn't approve of.

27 February, 2012 00:15  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel753, because of you I am a regular reader of Murr Brewster's blog.

Thanks for a fabulous roundup of the quirky "internets."

27 February, 2012 17:48  

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