11 March 2012

Collection of posts on Europe

These are my main posts on Europe and the European Union -- list to be updated as necessary.

8 May 2012:  Europeans are turning away from austerity and stagnation toward socialism and growth.

24 April 2012:  France leads the way toward the liberation of Europe.

16 April 2012:  As more and more leaders and parties openly challenge austerity and EU hegemony, Europe's liberation becomes inevitable.

15 Feb. 2012: The French Presidential election this April will be won by a socialist at odds with EU austerity policy.

26 Dec. 2011: Radical change is inevitable in Russia.

11 Dec. 2011: Britain defies EU schemes to undermine its economy.

3 Dec. 2011: EU elites' dreams of a common European identity are based on absurd misunderstandings of human nature.

19 Nov. 2011: The EU is openly attacking democracy in its member countries.

25 Oct. 2011: The British government's rejection of a referendum on EU membership contrasts oddly with rising democracy in the Arab countries.

19 Oct. 2011: Europeans' protests against EU austerity policies dwarf the Occupier demonstrations in the US.

17 Oct. 2011: Pat Condell has a great summation of what's wrong with the EU.

12 Aug. 2011 The shocking summer riots in Britain showed no signs of being political.

19 July 2011: Ireland is breaking free from Europe's other great evil institution: the Catholic Church.

29 June 2011: Popular resistance to EU policies grows in both northern and southern countries.

23 June 2011: In the Netherlands, freedom of expression wins a big victory.

18 April 2011: A Finnish election shows how the domineering EU is provoking political radicalism.

28 March 2011: A local election in Germany shows the unpopularity of the country's conservative government.

15 Jan. 2011: Europeans realize that the EU was an anti-democratic project right from the beginning.


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